Saturday, July 3, 2010

the sweet escape.

the sweet escape


escape can be sweet…

and absolutely essential at times. had an amazing conversation with a good friend last week about the nature of escapism. the trappings and fulfillments of escape. the conversation started on the use of alcohol and drugs in society. in turn both of us, as many others do have, have had and will have people in our lives that frequently use chemicals to alter their perception of reality. we both happened to agree that personally, alcohol or drugs of any kind are quite unnecessary in that aspect. yet people continue to use them. at this point the conversation spins to the obvious culprit: ESCAPE.

“break on through to the other side.”

when the Doors’ Jim Morrison canted that he wasn’t talking about staying planted on the ground. breaking barriers. mental or physical. it’s all about escape. this obvious human need to escape. we all want a little independence from something. even lovely Jim, with his talk of getting high was trying to get away from something.

as long as there have been people, there has been a need to find escape. escape from life or some aspect of it. perhaps the realness of its events and people. people escape everyday. reading. writing. watching. listening. working. playing. traveling. creating. dancing. laughing. using. etc. all distractions. through the use of distraction people escape. there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. diversions allow us to dabble in other interests and see a different side of things that we may not have otherwise noticed. they provide an opportunity to get away from the monotony of typical and get in touch with the unknown.

“that which nourishes me, destroys me.”

the things we love to do, that fuel us ahead can occasionally become consuming.  it’s always important to remember where to draw the line. to step back and find the balance. life certainly would be hell and unbearable without the ability to create. as an artist you move in circles and patterns that others do not understand. it is an unrelenting, unforgiving addiction. but nonetheless a necessary one.

however there is a fine line between escape and unhealthy addiction. the means to escape should never overpower your life in such a way that the rest of it falls to pieces. this is a constant high that lives inside the head, preventing anything else from entering. which is where the drug addicted and alcoholics prefer to dwell and never escape. life without participation. a permanent vacation. life isn’t the prison, checking out permanently is. anything in excess will make you an addict. the trick is in finding the balance before crossing the line from healthy escape to unhealthy addiction that you are unable to leave.

Escape, now and again, is healthy, and so is a glass of wine. to give into fear is to lack courage and be restrained by boundaries. you are only bound by the cell you make for yourself. there is a balance. people do need people, and we are all different and exactly the same.

Continue to escape… keep participating… find the balance… it’s absolutely mandatory.


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