Sunday, July 4, 2010



KA-Boom. It’s the sound of inside ripping outward and pressing against the atmosphere at an over accelerated rate that doesn’t even come close to the speed of light. But you’re wondering what it will look like anyway. See you don’t know what makes you curious just that you are. We all are. Don’t worry about it, I’m not judging you. The same way you aren’t judging me for using up all the toilet paper and LEVER brand soaps in the house to make this… KA-Boom. It isn’t the best soap for the job, but it’s what we have. You use what you have at your disposal. Remember that. Also remember this… there’s nothing wrong with what we are doing here. Everything you see is harmless by itself. We use water and soap to cleanse. Remove the impurities. Then we use soap to cleanse in a bigger scope. Destruction wipes the slate clean. Soap equals destruction and destruction equals creation. Creation can only begin once you broken down all the barriers. You’re trembling.  I bet a little frightened. At five years old, I might have been scared too. And I wouldn’t blame you for ratting out your ol man, but then you will never know the beauty or wonder in the seeing. Son, there’s a lot about seeing. I could show you what happens when you pour bleach into this combination of cleaners. Or what happens when a woman’s night cream is combined with this handful of powder. Now that’s real beauty. The insides of pipe bomb smell like the cheap perfume of destruction. Small amount of nothing can destroy the entire block. Enough of those and then you’ll find that the stain in the fabric has been cleansed. Are you ready, then? Grab my bag and we’ll start laying pipe.

300. KA-Boom. A year ago, a good friend was wondering whether the chemicals in make-up could make a bomb and we were discussing the contents of my foundation. That discussion fascinated me since… Anyhow, Figured a lot of people might know how to make a bomb out of fireworks. Also, figured a lot of people also might know how to make a bomb out of household ingredients. There’s a lot of things out in the world that people might know. When will knowledge become illegal? Knowing how, doesn’t mean wanting to. Then again, maybe it does. Who knows? We’ll see when they come along and arrest people for knowing how. Have a happy 4th! Enjoy. m.

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