Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Have a drink.

Have a drink.

Have a drink. Go on. It’s on me. I could use the company. Of course I’m not really the bartender. I’m just sipping my bourbon in peace back here. Besides it’s compliments of the hosts. So, how do you know Bob and Mags? Go back a long ways then. Yeah me too. It’s funny we’ve never met. We have? Oh dear you’re very right. Three Christmas parties ago, you and your wife. My most humble apologies. You see, my head has been a bit frazzled these last few months. You have the most beautiful wife, the actress. Yes- yes. Where is she tonight? I couldn’t have missed you both. Oh dear! Please… I’m terribly sorry. You’re grieving. I hadn’t heard. Almost a year? I see and you must think me completely dreadful and insensitive. Please accept my condolences. And by all means have a drink. Oh, sorry you were about to say something…  You want to ask me something? Go on. Ask. No I don’t mind. Not at all and I won’t be offended. It’s alright, you may ask. My husband? Ok. Do you mind if I take another sip first? Nothing to do but say it… We’re divorced. Six months ago.  There I said it. Of course, you might say I’m grieving too. Well then, we’re a bunch of sad sacks don’t you think? Certainly not. Outstanding. And I couldn’t agree more. Thank you.  Come now, have a seat. Company can’t hurt. You’ve left the party and I’m almost done sipping at my bourbon. Yes. I only have a sip now and again. It’s very strict. Am I always this firm? Not with everything. Only with chocolate and bourbon. Oh, yours is Jam and Cognac! That’s hilarious. Is it a Cognac then? Good. Glad we have that squared away.

300. Drinks at a party. Not that you need the drinks… Ever notice the interesting people you see here and there at parties. Especially holiday functions. Usually you don’t remember much about each other and you rarely know all the details. But it is fun to run into each other now and again. That’s always lovely.  Anyways, keep smiling, these are just moments between better moments. Enjoy. m.

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