Thursday, July 29, 2010



Sound the alarm? Good work. I might have done it if I had gotten here sooner. Look at that chaos. It’s something else out there.

Just look at that mess. These people were never prepared for it. Not like you. Obviously. I could spot the organized man in the building at once. The sprinklers are a nice touch. So is the umbrella. Watch and timer too. You’ve thought this ahead then. What do I think of the view?

Well it’s quite chaotic and beautiful. Yes I see it. The abandoned calm. They’ve never planned for a way out or thought ahead with slickers and plastic bags. Slipping and falling upon the floor. Shirts pressed skin tight against flushed bodies that hurry past. All beneath this din of the raging alarm.

Whoa buddy, watch the jacket! Sorry about that? Excuse me. Can you believe the manners on these people? No better than barnyard animals. It’s all downhill when the panic sets in. And it doesn’t have to be. I’m glad you agree. Thanks for reaffirming my personal belief in human integrity. If we can’t hold on to our values in a crisis we aren’t any better than animals.

Can you imagine if it were real? This act of panic is merely a test. An experimentation in human reaction. In the event of real problem would they panic more or less? Oh but it is real. I am corrected and further intrigued. Why certainly I believe you. You’re a man of detail and your work shows it. It’s fire, a bomb, or the slow leak of a gas line? My money is on fire and by your smile I know I’m right.

The cavalry is here. That’s my cue to exit stage left. My advice… pull the alarm on your way out.

300. alarm. Ever want to pull the fire alarm to see what happens? I can neither confirm nor deny I’ve ever done such things. But if you know moi, then you have your answer. I’m working on something else right now that was to be next, but it’s still fleshing out. For now, let it all go for a few hours. have a good night. enjoy. m.

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