Friday, June 18, 2010


Undisclosed (in four)


If you are reading this please understand that your efforts have been realized. I have been contacted through mutual channels with the assurance that you comprehend this risk. This document doesn’t exist. It is for your eyes only. Its contents include pieces of information that are classified. Communication of anything to anyone outside of the division is restricted. If this document is discovered in your possession I will deny any knowledge of the origins.

Testing is executed in sector 12. There are thirteen test subjects currently under my supervision. It has been brought to my understanding that you have been trying to locate one of these subjects. Our contact assures that you are willing to comply with the standard amount of monetary compensation. This should speed up the process of extracting the subject. According to my experience you may require additional information before finalizing this payment.

These subjects are kept in the standard cages. Each provides an adequate amount of space; 3x3, with the proper resting pads. All sustenance is provided within a regular cycle. Currently four of the subjects have undergone a form of radiation and are slowly falling victim to its effects. The remaining are in fair health. This particular subject has undergone some modifications and been subjected to several intensive drug therapies.

For the most part the subject has adapted successfully to the treatments. Additionally the subject has a tracking device embedded into back of the skull. This can be removed without harm to the subject. Consequently the reversal of the therapies seems to be impossible with the current research. In time I am confident there will be a means to correct these deteriorations. Most often we find that due to the age of the candidates a full recovery is not out of the question. Recovery tends to favor younger subjects.

Please realize that there is no guarantee in this transaction. Most subjects are destroyed after reaching the end of their cycle. Hopefully this release can be granted before the subjects reach the completion of this phase. The next phase of study encompasses the remaining group and marks the end of the cycle.

I will provide information on a need to know basis. You will receive communication when necessary. Do not make any attempts at contact. Any attempts at contact will nullify this agreement. This agreement does not exist. Do not question my intention to assist you.


Savior. It has been some time since I’ve called upon you for assistance. There is a moment of mischief afoot. There are no specifics. A new voice has come forward seeking answers for a mystery that should not have occurred. This will be the last time I task you against your will. The situation, although dire, will provide substantially. Please consider resuming freedom work temporarily on my behalf.

The situation involves a criminal investigation and the absence of a small child. I believe that the child, a young girl was mistakenly extricated along with a group of criminal subjects. The manner in which she was removed appears to be underhanded and completely unnecessary. There is no evidence of the search. Evidence provided by a hidden surveillance system has been destroyed. It has come to my belief that perhaps she holds valuable knowledge regarding the arrest. However, the matter remains unclear. Without your assistance I will be in the dark on the matter.

There are too many watching. It is imperative that you contact the messenger directly. She understands the risk. Please consider this request. I have come to you in this dire moment, as I can only trust you. Comrade.


You are not to contact me. Don't leave another message. The box has been abandoned. I will make the proper connections on your behalf. Someone will be in contact with you regarding the matter. Money may be of no consequence to you, but it will expedite this process. Try to be patient. I can give you no straight answers.

The people responsible for your child’s absence are not out in the open. The officials were not the problem. Their presence was a distraction. Diversion while a bigger circumstance fell into play. I can not even begin to speculate the exact details of the incident.

I can reassure you that your child is not dead. There are places for children. I can not give you a guarantee on her health. Such places are not meant to permanently accommodate inhabitants. I will not go into the details; only to say that I have a contact in such a place.

This person will get in touch with you soon regarding the details. I can not give you any other information regarding the situation. Take precautions. Destroy this document after reading. Do not make any unnecessary attempts to communicate with anyone regarding this matter.


I’m not sure what to ask. They tell me you’re the one I should contact and to leave a small message at the post box 120. No one mentioned any other protocol. They said to tell you what happened. Any information would help with the situation.

I’m a mother looking for her daughter. My life has been taken away. I’m now a desperate woman, who reaches out to any promise that will ensure she is returned safely. I’ve been told that you provide assistance for a little bit of money. You specialize in locating missing children. I do not desire the specifics and can not hope for the world, only the truth. Please, if you are able… Help me find my daughter.

My daughter is eight years old. She has no birthmarks. Her hair and eyes are light brown. But these are not the things to tell you. They said to tell you what happened. You probably don’t need all this... but it's how I recall it happening.

The car was parked in front of Tolla’s grocery. I was in the middle of a call. Ally, my daughter went ahead of me into the store. We’ve done this a thousand times or more, but this time was different. I couldn’t have been more than three minutes behind.

Outside of the store there were officials in parked vans. Black suits, Green uniforms; Walking in twos and threes. Not giving much attention to the logos on the vehicles, I just went about my business entering the store and paying no mind to the cuffed people with black bags over their heads being escorted outside.

I couldn’t tell you what Ally was wearing when I was sitting next to her in the car. Today I have those clothes clearly visualized in my mind. It’s the one detail I can’t forget. A simple patchwork dress she often wore was resting on the shoulder of a green uniform as he walked past. I never found her inside. Upon my exit there were no suits or uniforms. No vans. No sign of my daughter.

No one saw Ally. According to the authorities, she was never there.

Please contact me with the necessary details immediately. I am told you will know how to contact me. Please understand that money is of no consequence. I would give my life to see the safe return of my child.

Letters. Anonymous. Another for today. Almost forgot about this while wrapping something else up.  Time gets away from you when you're having fun. VERY Excited! Enjoy. m.

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