Thursday, June 10, 2010

Switching Gears.

Switching Gears.

Alright there it is. Almost there. Keep going. Careful boy… real gentle now. Ready. One. Two. Shift. Push down the clutch at the same time. There’s nothing to it. Come on now. Take it in. Pay attention. Your next one is coming quick. Just remember, no matter the size of the vehicle it all comes back to the same basic principles. Coming up to this hill for instance, the climb is nothing. The descent, well you have to be extra cautious or you’ll end up flying down like a bat out of hell or riding the brakes all the way down. As a warning we don’t needlessly want to ride the brakes. Heed my warning or we’ll be a smoking ball of fire before ever reaching the bottom of the hill. Climb up slow. Watch what your doing and don’t worry your head about the other traffic. These two lanes uphill ain’t providing much more room than to accommodate one vehicle. They can wait or pass. Suicide. Crazy, but some people like to play now and again. Oh, there we are. Nice and smooth. Topped off. Now all you gotta watch for is the turns. Take ‘em slow and real tender. Hug it. Well all be… there we go… a pretty gal playing suicide. Go’n now… give ‘er the horn. Watch ‘er wave and smile! They all love the rush. Off she goes. HEY! Slower on the turns! Watch the road! Now pay attention, pretty quick here, we’re gonna start heading downhill. You’ll feel the road change. There. Feel it? Shift. Watch your brakes. Whoa! We’re going a little too fast. You got it? Well, too late to ease back. Go’n now. Let go. Let’s give em hell. Woo-HEE-DAMN! That’s a helluva ride. Now you got the hang of it.

300. Switching gears. Not really. This came right before that last 300, while I was amidst something else relatable. Anyhow, I’m in the middle of something and it’s in a vein that I love to work with. Hopefully it will be finished by tonight. Enjoy. M.

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