Monday, May 17, 2010

Drink On Earthquake Nights.

drink. 2010.

Drink On Earthquake Nights.  This isn't an advocation for alcohol. But if it helps...? Just Kidding. Anyhow, this was a remnant from the rooms project. In case you're wondering... the painting on the walls was an also excuse to be able to photograph under black light. I'm an artist not a trained photographer and in all honesty...  didn't know if any of it would come out when I started. But sometimes you have to take a chance and gamble on something in order to see what will happen. 

The night... is sort of just getting started. Writing at night helps... on occasion. Planning to finish up some things and then possibly try out a few unstarted pieces. Also toying with a new idea. Will share in a day or so. Have a good night. m.

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