Monday, April 12, 2010



Smile as you kill me. Pull back on the trigger. Put two holes in my leg. Show me those pearly whites. My arms locked back behind my head in your grip. Spread those lips to expel hot air against my neck as the pressure intensifies. Lean in and let me feel those laugh lines pushed to the max. Palms forcing inward against the nape of my neck. Laugh for god’s sake. Fingers interlocking tighter and tighter. Keep a sense of humor. Throat restricting under pressure. It’s the last thing I’ll ever hear. Consent to the final request of the dying.

Smile as you die for me. Slow torture. Grin and bear it. Pushing down on your rib cage. Open wide and fake it like the talk show host giving the bad news of infidelity. Meanwhile I’ll crush the tiny bones in your hand with a hammer. Take the abuse and show those teeth as if your name was Miss America and winning meant your trailer park salvation. Pounding on your skull with a crowbar. Wrap those red pillows around those ivory keys and play me something upbeat. Give up the ghost with a smile. It’s the only way to go.

Smile as you betray me. Stab me in the back. It’s funny when you trust the wrong person. There’s no point in feeling bad about your disloyalty. Let’s have a giggle. Misleading me with those innocent eyes. A smirk and a wink to seal the deal. Off the golden tongue rolls the lies. Mouth half open with a cackle and a twinkle in your eye. Catty remarks followed by treacherous female actions. Pick up your chin and tuck back your bottom lip to reveal a vindictive grin. Come now put on your best fake and let’s get it over with.

Smile as you surrender to me. Gotcha in the act. Say cheese. Put your hands up in the air. Give me your happy face. Kick over your weapon. Turn that frown upside down. Resisting will only get you killed. Push the corners of your mouth open wide. Caught red-handed without an alibi? Find the punch line in your problem. No point in crying about spilt milk. Chuckle about the broken pieces. Off to the big house. Smile, there’s a silver lining here. At least you haven’t been shot yet. Oh wait… See there you go beaming from ear to ear.

Most importantly… just SMILE! They say smiling is contagious. I’m inclined to agree on this. Try it sometime. Smile. It takes more energy to frown than to smile. Frowning causes wrinkles. Smile when you are discouraged. Smile when you are excited. Smile when you are not. Smile! Anyway… another 400. I wanted to write another and there’s two more now. The other is completely blasphemous. I’m reminded that without my risk in form there would be no ‘300’s or ‘400’s, but I’m staying open and will work on the ‘correct’ formats for older pieces. SMILE! Enjoy. M.

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