Wednesday, April 14, 2010



Medúlla - Björk

Björk is truly one of my favorite artists of the 20th/21st century and one of the most remarkable women in this world to date. And I don't talk about my adoration very often except on rare instances when people incite my interest. Mostly I refer people towards her work when they are looking for inspiration. Her music isn't what picks up my day. But in the same breath it speaks volumes. Björk's work and music has inspired and followed me for a long time. For a while through the encouragement from an old friend. Now and again, I still take out the music and give it a play. The last few days my sounds have been pretty much absorbed by Björk (*my apologies for the repetition) Those who are close to me, truly know the impact of her music in my life.  

Medúlla. Recently a rapper, E-40 sampled one of the tracks from this album. Quite extraordinarily!As a matter of fact, I love his track. Spend the Night. The album, Medúlla is not what one might call mainstream by any means. In fact, it is probably one of my favorite albums because it takes so many risks. For me it still is one of the most completely original musical works of art in the world. The music is comprised of vocal sounds. Listening to this will spin the mind a bit; to think the human vocal chords are capable of such rich manipulation. If you do not have this record... You should. It is at least worth a listen. I can't begin to convey the artistry that went into this recording with words.

MedúllaMedulla also refers to the middle of something. And quite so I am. As is every other person in the world. Maybe they don't realize it yet? A few days ago I realized that I don't write about the Music very often. Now that's a shame. So much of what inspires me is related to Music and this seemed appropriate... M.

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