Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Radio Song.

Radio Song. 

Click. Turn it up. Boy! I said flip that dial. And come over here when you’re done. No lip. Shh. Don’t start yapping. This song. It was playing some twenty odd years ago, on a day like this. I was outside beating a hammer against a nail, trying to get something built. Lazy kid. As if you would know what building anything was about. Shut it. Tired of talking and you not listening. There I am, not much older than you right now. Helping to build a house. This… Our house. I remember that five minutes clearer than most memories of my childhood. It was just as we’d set the frame. The entire left wall begin to shimmy. Shooting downward went the tools, followed by a bucket of nails and your uncle tumbling to the ground. Broke his arm that day. And he wasn’t a crybaby like you. Took that fall with the strength of three men. Before I could react a metal dowel was spiraling toward my head. With a force my heart leapt out of my chest. Acting quickly your grandpa managed to get in the way and saved my life. That piece of metal took a hole out of his right hand. Tough man your granddaddy was. Lived another twenty years after that accident. Wasn’t a day that went by when he didn’t use that hand. Shush kid. Your stitched up pinky finger isn’t the same. When I was a kid we didn’t get sewn back up. Pinch and tape it up. Somehow in those few minutes we managed to get a handle on that failing wall. Every time I hear this song I remember the effort that went into this house. Brings a tear to my eye. Sentimental kid. You wouldn’t understand. Turn it off. Click.

There are more coming… will explain over the next few. For now, hopefully this is appreciated. Enjoy. kisses. m.

Song of the day: Radio Song - REM 
What are you listening to?

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