Monday, March 29, 2010

a good friend?

Are you a good friend? Do you know what it takes to be a good friend? After a conversation last night with someone I was set to thinking. Wheels spinning. This person, who is an amazing friend through and through to AN OVERWHELMING AMOUNT of people including me, was questioning common sense and courtesy in others. Do people really know how to be good friends to each other? Are we so caught up in the daily routine of living that we can't stop to even 'be there' for a friend when they need us? Truly be there. Without terms. Terms means you aren't giving fully. I couldn't agree more with his conclusions. Strangers or not we shouldn't take advantage of each other. Small gestures become one-sided and giving becomes taking. Only giving just a little to get something in return. When did common sense get twisted into this version that is currently being used? Look around, it's everywhere. People have changed. Lack of courtesy or reasoning to know better? Sometimes I may lack the necessary politeness, but I don't intentionally mean or want to hurt anyone. And that should be a rule of thumb for anyone. Imagine all the things you want of others for yourself. Got it? Those are the same gestures you should be reaching out and doing for others. Making a new friend is something very hard to do. It shouldn't be. Perhaps this is too close of a subject for me as I've lost a lot of friends over the years for selfish reasons. And they couldn't see it and didn't want to. I'm not perfect. I can admit to helping to ruin some great friendships as well. A few times there's been enough maturity to renew and recover from the fall out. Sometimes the even the friendship can survive. “People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed; never throw out anyone.” Audrey Hepburn. Truly being there as a friend means walking the fine line of giving and receiving equally. M.

**more stories / tales coming. I've added new things and getting ready to become involved in something that I'm excited for. Additionally still looking for a job to 'get out of the house' for a couple hrs a day. 'loneliness is the killer' humanity needs us all as much as we need it. 

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