Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Enjoy the kill.

Enjoy the kill.

Enjoy the kill. There’s not enough time these days to savor an accomplishment. Tick tick tick. Loudly beneath sheets of dusty grey, the grandfather clock registers the passing of life. Revealed through the mask of filth, long hand catches the short hand at the mark of 3. It’s quarter past the witching hour. The time-consuming execution has rewarded cheaply. Hours of painstaking attention reduced to completion in a mere matter of minutes. In the corner of my eye a shadow sweeps past the doorway. Glancing askew towards the movement until losing sight. Hands remain fixed. Executing. Quickly. Fastidiously. Paring incisions tear away flesh. Cleaver continues through bones surgically without hesitation. Dry floorboards creak. Snapping from the pressure of heavy footsteps. Walls release swelling groans. Movement approaches from the rear entrance.  

Quietly stalking the unsuspecting. Preying on the weak. Those who live by the beat of the drum. Leave for work each day at the same time. Varying schedules are easily compensated for. Gym. Dinner. Bars. Travel. All on the same repetitive rhythm. Easy to distinguish the pattern when you exist outside of order. Unnoticed on the street. Removable like the sidewalk art that adorns the public avenues. Graffiti. ‘Where’s Fluffy?’ Call me at HK5-8699. For a good time see the hole next door. Statue of Liberty taking a leak and ramming her flame into GW Bush while an overweight gorilla dances in a tutu nearby. Weekly entertainment. Fallah’s on Fortuna = 9pm. Harry’s renowned second show @ 12am. Daring Divas Dine at Desoto’s - Male Burlesque at 10pm. Got a sixth sense in your mind that feels like you’re being followed. All signs point to the invisible man walking behind you in the shadows. Pursuing. Sizing you up.

Reinforced kneecaps form to create the just… the… right… pivot. Struggling to manipulate the fleshy insides momentarily consumes me. Almost to the point of disregarding the uninvited guest. Poor etiquette. Waltzing into a house without regard. Who does that? Obviously that question has answered itself. Creeping footsteps slink closer along the adjacent hall. It isn’t ready for… Nearly complete. Needle takes in the thread and pulls together the lines of perfection with a beautiful seam. Meticulous cross-stitching matches the predecessor across the room. Deep supple light coats the surface. Soaking into the smooth rich texture. Palette of color unlike anything before. Matching the piece became an instant necessity.

Sizes and types may not seem an appropriate factor. To be perfectly honest, they couldn’t be more important. In fact diet and overall health is absolutely mandatory criteria when assessing a possible candidate. The treatment of an animal affects the condition of the body. Overall muscle definition and fat content, bone structure, and most importantly texture of his skin. Alcoholic Joe leaving Bar Friday every night of the week is a definite no-go. Overweight Mac with his fries and shake isn’t going to make the cut. Sally Sick-a-lot with a poor complexion is out of the question. Best candidates need to be in peak physical performance. Smoothest and most pliable hide you’ve ever skinned. Strong bones tend to reinforce easier and last longer.

A magnificent treasure to have something unique in the home. Keeping up with the Joneses. There’s trouble in avoiding the trap of so many others who have indulged in the IKEA catalog with its matchy-matchy modern furniture at a reasonable price. Finally someone who chooses style over convention. Avant-garde. Non-traditional. A client with a confident attitude and firm instruction. ‘Nothing ever seen. Don’t worry about extinction.’ Simply put: Skin it, Stick it. As expected the finished result was quite the surprise. Lighter than the smoothest of leather. Five human hides stretched and spread across a skeletal frame. Seams paired and squared off. Lines break and meet at the base of cushions. Mies Van der Rohe meets Hannibal Lecter for a living room ensemble that’s suitable when Hitler comes over for tea on Sundays.

“Since you’re here you might as well… go ahead and have a seat then. I hope you don’t mind I took the liberty of creating an accompanying piece for the room. Notice the richness of the hide. Minimal imperfections. Thank you. I agree it is quite unique. Of course, one of a kind. I assure that you’ll definitely have the only set. Another room? Love too! What did you have in mind?”

Don’t worry. It’s what you’re thinking. Human sofa. Another one of my darker inventions. I’ll link the list if you haven’t read it before. See, I’ve always wanted to put this idea into something. Still not going to create it?? BUT if it exists... I WANT TO TOUCH IT! Sick. Yes. Don’t care. Actually thinking of ‘how to create’ this. I’ve got a very naughty idea. Wait and see. ON THE LIST!
Rooms! I’m excited to finish. Will say why VERY soon. Day 10 has come and gone. Why did 5 take 10 days? On day 5, someone who worries about me, asked me to stop and step back. So I did. Glad I did. Day 11 will bring the completion. Today had a funny setback and I created ART from it. Also it spawned another idea. Enjoy! m.

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