Tuesday, March 23, 2010




Blow. Smooth lips pursed together. Red. Delicate. Tiny opening pushing out air. Cheeks strain with the slightest sense of pressure. Air escapes. The chaos amid the noisy cherry velvet room has no relevance. Stuck in this moment. Lighting lifts and dims without notice. Watching. Smiling mouth. Demure. Hand rises up to mouth once more. There it is. Blow. Lips press together in a soft unreturned kiss. Lowering hand thrusts the puff across the room at me. Landing directly upon my face. Smile. Happiness in my heart. The pulse pounding noise surrounding can not break this connection. Thick humidity deepens with the intensity of the crowd. Bodies pass inbetween. No matter. Eyes never leave. Lips stay full. Giggles escape from the soft red. My eyes are smiling with anticipation. Air drawn in again. Blow. An small ‘o’ forms with the gesture. Both hands reach upwards to hide the impending message. Silent. Discreet. Jumping outward and full of excitement. Sending the invisible soldier off into the open expanse. Ready. Aim. Target Acquired. Smile. Turn away. People interrupt. Embracing. Lips locking. Interruption to the beat of the drum. Up. Down. Wet. Tongues. Eyes open. Eyes closed. Neither is thinking the same thing. Disconnected. Break. Parting in different directions. Focus. Across the folding sea. Blow. Lips force an opening. Pushing out an intruding army of wind ready to make battle with any obstacles. Hand reaches up and outward to guide the path. Eyes follow the concealed missile toward its target. Distractions intercede. Path is blocked. Nothing but movement before my eyes. Heated pulsating flesh shoves and hits against my skin. Face buried in the warmth. Hidden. Losing the battle to the electricity of the mass. Hands grabbing and pulling. Sinking. Unknown faces. Smiling eyes. Blow. Air against my cheek. Familiar. Red. Revealed. Soft. Kiss.

Just finished writing on the wall and it seemed appropriate to give you writing. 300. Blowing kisses. The story and this image seemed to fit perfectly. Anyhow in a few days you’ll understand why. The pic? Well, it’s me a few years back in a club with a friend. No photoshop and it’s taken with my camera phone at that time. Projects?? Dresser is still happening. But I kinda got chemical poisoning last week aside from the shoulder. I’ll spare you the details but I’ve dropped to a slower pace as a result. The room project won’t be up as soon as I wanted. Spent two days on one room. Oops. Nah, I’m having more fun with it and delving into other ideas that present themselves along the way. This project isn’t quite what anyone is expecting. I’ve given out a few sneak peeks and the response was good. I’m hoping to get some of this up by next week. Enjoy! m.

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