Tuesday, February 16, 2010



Someone call the ambulance there’s gonna be an accident!

As soon as the darkness hits there’s no rhyme or reason to it. Chaos is in my sight as the dinner party disperses. Bodies slamming into each other and sliding across the table in the void where the can not see. Chairs flying in desperate attempts to escape from the house. A stampede of haute couture heading toward a brick wall without a clue. There’s no running that can hide you. I can see in the dark. One by one I selectively pick them off. Wolves in designer sheep’s wool. Carelessly left out in the open. Vulnerable. Weak.

Crosshairs of the rifle sit neatly between my legs as I slowly walk towards the car in the driveway. All the time managing to shift weight of the gun against my chest. Infrared vision and nighttime camouflage makes this mission all the more discreet. Nine days ago there wasn’t a possibility that I would be doing this sort of attack and conquer. Today it’s absolutely fucking necessary. Regina Callabrian would regret the day she killed me.

We were the best of frenemies. Two-faced peas in a pod. Stabbing each other in the back was part of the friendship. Until she took things too far last week. It all started at the opening of Spiral. That’s where and when it happened. There she was with her oversized man hands and linebacker broad shoulders, chatting it up with Sebastian York. Sebastian was the premier gossip columnist on the east coast. You could whisper in his ear and have the rumor publicized in less than five minutes. Fabulous man could make or break a young starlet with a mere whim. As a neophyte model, I never stood a chance. Like slow motion my movements were captured in a state of delay as I attempted to come between the pair of intimate lovers. But the damage was done. Sebastian was already moving away with the most devilish grin. Social murder 101. Back stabbing bitch. I never should have lent her my Vintage Louboutin slingbacks.

One by one my bookings cancelled. Everyday was newly discovered disappointment to be relished. By the end of the week I was out of work, undesired and not photographable material for any designer. Rumors can be vicious especially when they come from your best friend. How could she? Apparently I’m the product of inbreeding with a nasty case of highly contagious social VD. Can you imagine a form of Gonorrhea that affects your social standing? Well if that actually existed…I HAVE IT! That self righteous bitch invented this cockamamie excuse for a disease so she could get rid of me. It was because of her size. No one wants a big girl and Reggie was as big as they came. Size 5. Huge! You know in MODEL WORLD? By the way, that isn’t the same as the real world. So don’t confuse the two.

Most of Reggie’s gigs came when there was a cancellation in a show. Quite often she would sit out the entire fashion week in New York, Milan and Paris. Rarely would any girl miss the chance to walk for the big names. High heel or high water… JUST BE THERE! The whole business was a tragedy. Having to be booked and tag along on the slim chance of an opening had to be just heartbreaking. Crushing to the ego when there were no spots. It’s no wonder she gunned me down. Taking me out was the perfect solution. This opened up at least ten shows and three shoots in the next week for her and the slim possibility for exposure. Even without the time, there would be no one else to cover the spot and in the end they would settle on smashing her oversized ass into the smallest of pieces. A hope for a hopeless career. Killing her own kind to get ahead. There would be retribution.

The view of the room is already a crimson sea of darkness through my night vision goggles. Bodies strewn out as I hunt down my prey. Come out, come out wherever you are. You overgrown ape. With your abnormally large hands and stretched out Stella McCartney cocktail dress. Of course I saw the dress. The way it was ready to burst from the seams. Before I took out the lights, actually it’s why I took out the lights, my eyes were screaming for relief. A flash of light released from my weapon into the room blinding my victims, bringing the chandelier down with a crash. That was quite the end to the fun. Regina, darling, there’s no hiding. I’m going to find you. I can see in the dark.

Butt of the gun resting against my shoulder blade as I survey the scene. Arms, legs and a plethora of body parts cover the remote corners of the room while pieces of party dress wear surround the pools of draining blood. Carefully lifting up the downed bodies to identify the remains, I come across the most fabulous sight. Ah, Sebastian. There is justice in this world. You kill me, I kill you. Regina, be a love and come out now. Oh there you are. Such a lovely corner to cry in. Matches the red in your hair. Wait. No, that’s the night vision. Are you ready to face the music? Time to crawl on your knees and beg forgiveness. Maybe I’ll let you live? Oh, sirens! That’s a shame someone’s already called an ambulance. They’re expecting an accident. Let’s not disappointment them.

Only two again tonight. I’m working up to three and four. Came from a song again. This has been an idea on my mind since last year and I wanted to work it into something. Actually it is older than that. There’s a funny story behind it. I’ll minimize and say… had a falling out with a friend. Grew from it and we’re good friends. But at the time… that’s another story. I don’t recommend guessing as there have been a few feuds among friends over the years. Right now, I’m very sleepy and still in the middle of another story. enjoy?? kisses. m.

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