Monday, February 15, 2010

I'm going to enjoy this.

I'm going to enjoy this.

I’m going to enjoy this. More than I really should. Is that ok with you? Of course he can’t respond. I’ve taken a piece of his tongue out. Carved a nice little niche into the center of his mouth. A hole large enough to put a cork in. Which that may be another idea altogether. But first I’m going to savor this original task at hand, the remaining pieces of lip. Slicing off the lips is a bit like trimming the fat off a steak. Slow thin cuts separate and remove the flesh. My hand covered in blood stuffed deep within his jaw muffles the screams that attempt to escape. Teeth make an excellent brace for leverage. Head struggles a bit against my pull, but no more tension than I need to assist with my job. Stand back and admire my handy work.

Slowly taking the humanity out of a perfectly decent human being. There are other things in this life that can be stress relieving, but I’ve found that this works best for me. Kill a little here and there. Once in a while never hurts anyone. Oh wait. It does. But no more than human cruelty upon each other. Attacking each other viciously when they should be lending each other a hand. Hands! Those will make an excellent trophy. Where to begin cutting? Hacksaw or Jigsaw? The mind swims with ideas of possibilities. If I cut below the wrist I run the chance of losing a finger or thumb versus gaining too much arm if I cut above the wrist. Guess I’ll have to make it somewhere in the middle. From the looks of this guy he isn’t going to offer up an opinion. Not that he can anymore. Funny, you never realize how much your lips assist in the simple art of communication.

I suppose it’s just the killer in me that enjoys these quiet moments before the end. Mischievously enjoying in every bit of death knowing that soon this will be done and he will be dead. Clothing saturated with blood. No human could survive this level of blood loss. Nevertheless, he stays coherent. Eyes fluttering open then closed. Watching me as I make my way around to his left side. Head teeters above a loose neck. I’ve set my trophy hands off to the side and now wondering what else would serve as a nice keepsake. Ears? Those could be an interesting accent for my collection. The colors they would make while resting in a mason jar would be delightful. Eyes? Ah, dreadful. Too many of those. Hands shall suffice.

Lifeless the body slumps over without grace. The kill is nearly finished. Assessing my masterpiece. Hole after hole cover this body in a criss-cross pattern. Long strips of skin missing from the arms. Kneecaps smashed inward like inverted saucers. Such a pleasure it is to work with such pliable material. I can’t even begin to express how much I’ve enjoyed this. Savored it more than I really ought to have.

This is back in the short form. My true favorite to work with. I should have dealt a little darkness sooner. It's been a while. What do you think?  Darkness is my  original flavor. Don’t mean its the best one. Just one of the firsts. Anyhow, this just sprang from my mind without thought. Enjoy?? kisses. m.

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