Thursday, February 25, 2010

Coming in hot.

Coming in hot. 

Coming in hot. The landing gears were damaged in that last spray of fire. I’m approaching too quickly. Ejection mechanism is damaged. I can’t get a signal on the radio. Looks as though I’m on an intercept course for earth without assistance. My box is still running so I’ll keep talking. Nose is tipping lower. Sandy, my angel, your picture is in front of me. Those baby blue eyes stronger than anything. Eyes on the prize. A pilot flies high and fires away. Cracks in the shield widen as I’m approaching impact. Spider webs etching deep across the glass. Tiny openings create a whistling sound as air sucks out. Those blue eyes have kept me focused in so many battles. Just knowing I’d find my way back home to you, my sweet girl made it all easier. Firing on the enemy. Flying more than walking. The right engine’s on fire as my helm control seems to be failing. Sandy tell my baby girl, that I love her, but I’m afraid Daddy isn’t coming home this time. I know shouldn’t talk like that but these odds aren’t on my side. Darn, the box is kicking out. Can’t let it. Hold on. There it is. Seems that it’s my only hope at leaving a message. Sandy, tell Mama not to worry. Tell her I was… Fire on the right wing is spreading into the rear cockpit. Sandy, promise me you will be strong. Raise our little girl the best you can. Tell her about me. Daddy. Smoke is in the air. Vision obstructed. Ground level could be nearer than I can see. Gauges on the helm are locked in. Time is drawing near. The pit of my stomach tells me so. Sandy, remember… the tail is collapsing inward. Remember… Sandy, oh God… 

‘300’ – #2. This was trickier than the last, but it should have been the first ‘300’. I’d wanted to push it back to March. It is another that you can obviously see when I had started. Despite my reservations, the few that I was holding back will be up before the end of the month. There’s no reason to keep them back.  I hope it is appreciated. Enjoy? kisses. m.

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