Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Haircuts, Headaches & Heartbreaks Revisited.


I know what everyone is thinking why revisit anything. My response: Why not? Life has made an interesting full circle recently... that I'll be honest about... I'M NOT LOVING IT! But since the original post was related to this about in-your-face, [thanks universe!] I decided to catch things up in a round about sort of way.

On a side note... would anyone like it if I revisited (reposted) some of the earlier stories? I'm debating it right now... Anyhow I'm gonna try to get a couple of new ones up before Thanksgiving. Possibly tonight or tomorrow. More later. M.


Of Course! It still had to be this picture! This is the image that my lovely mind conjures up each and every time I change my hair. Which since I went Back-to-Black a couple months ago, nothing has changed. It is growing! The short look will make a reappearance later in my future ---> SOMEDAY! Simply because it was so much fun! I'm told very few women can carry a pixie cut (boy-look) off and maintain a sense of femininity. Apparently I'm one of those lucky ladies... You never know! I may get bored again.


Headaches come and go and stalkers never go away. HAHA! I learned to make peace with that about 6 months ago and hide what I needed to and share what was left. My insides stopped feeling like this image anyhow. Laughing at the funny and inappropriate in life as much as possible does help. It's just unsettling. I can't imagine why anybody would bother. At least it isn't a hinderance on my life. But truth be told, I know better than to assume that people will leave well enough alone. They do not.


Weddings that don't work out are sad. Remember that little story I shared about the jilted groom. They never did work it out. My heart completely broke the day I found out. It was about four months back. It crushed me. I really thought those two had a chance. Ah, to explain. I can't you had to see them. You know me, train wreck that I am, still needing the fairy tale to work out for everyone else. But to catch you up now... let's just say that there are people who can rise above a tough break. Others... how do I say this without it being too gossipy? The man I met recently would have been jilted without a doubt and the bride was less than the 'marrying' type. So much for a happy ending. They have to be out there. Someone please promise me that there are real life happy endings.

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