Thursday, September 17, 2009


Bloodletting - Concrete Blonde

This is an old, very old track. Dedicated to my vampire friends out there. Which why was I thinking of it? I've been a little under the weather and sleeping 12 hours a day/night for the last few now and I've had a rather unusual recurring dream among a few others that I'm trying to rationalize. I know, why try? Go with it. Be inspired. Anyhow now that I'm rambling on... This recurring dream is about BLOOD! Lots of it, just pouring out, spilling down, everything is completely covered in blood and all of it is completely in a non-vampiric way. It's there in a real human, someone's dying, kind of way. Sadly, I'm not frightened but completely capitivated by it. Maybe that's why I keep thinking about it? Be warned something may come out of this.

I know y'all want a story. I could, but I can't. I shelved one this last week and walked away from it. I've only created one new tale on paper since that incident. I can't believe I did that. I 've never shelved anything before, especially this close to finish. I'll go back. There are three I'm in the midst of typing, (which I'm not right now), two are on paper, and another couple still in one of the compartments in my brain waiting to come forth, not to mention 'the list'. I'm holding back as well, and I'm glad I have. Will make it up, as soon as I can. Maybe another eight at once? M.

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