Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Secret Window.

Secret Window

ALRIGHT! I am writing. But it's not a secret though. There may have to be a change up though. I desperately want something to go up next but it is taking a bit out of me and I'm far from complete yet. Something fun may go up instead, possibly tomorrow sometime. Hopefully two new things by the end of this week.

Anyhow... I've always loved this movie/story. It reminds me of what kind of the "CRAZY" I go through to create a story. Sometimes I'm frightened that maybe something I've created is really out there... or I've completely lost my mind and well, ahem, "life imitates art" or along those lines. See, "we all go a little mad sometimes" and right now I think that its necessary for me to completely come unraveled to write. I'm not sorry it has to be this way. I can't help it, I need that mental state. The unraveled... oh well, I'm anything but hopeless. Kisses. M.

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