Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Beep Beep.

Lovefool- Cardigans

... because every situation requires a little bit of foolishness and I guess its my turn. So don't get any ideas. Kisses.

ANYHOW... I once ruined this little gem for a friend of mine. You know the 'beep beep' sounds that start the song. Well I happen to make the mistake of sharing with him that it reminded me of car horns. Lets just say my tidbit of info was not received with good cheer. Apparently I ruined the song for him. Not my intention at all. It's a lovely track, but there's an even better version out there. An acoustic version (Puck version) and it's just gorge. I love the video nonetheless, especially the whole genie bottle vibe. I almost decorated a room to look like a genie bottle. But I digress. Another note, I am not writing a love story per se, but there's is something sentimental in the mix. It has a light-hearted spirit and that's all I will share. M.

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