Saturday, August 1, 2009

August and Everything after...

August and Everything after...


One of my favorite albums by the Counting Crows and for the record I've always loved the name. So very much significant and so very little happens every August every year for me. There is so much to do right now; to plan towards and I'm a little scared. But life is going to take a turn and for once I'm just going to go with it and not see what's coming. I know there is change coming and I'm powerless to stop it whether it's good or bad. It's one of those I can't explain things. I'm not going to either. It doesn't really matter if I do. People never get it and I certainly don't expect them to. Call it crazy if it helps. The word "crazy" is all fine and dandy with moi, until you people try to lock me up. Ok? Capiche!

Anyhow, there's should be a story. Ah, don't be alarmed since there is not. I could just put up any ol' thing but I don't want to. Something pretty special is coming - well at least to me it is. See, I'm playing with an old piece, I wrote, that used to be something else, like a different kind of prose, and I'm turning it into a story. People do it to books for movies, all the time. What I'm doing - Let's call it backwards adaptation. This piece originally was a challenge, a dare set by a friend, and in part for a class I was taking. At the time I really had a lot of fun writing it... Although no one ever saw the completed state since I dropped the class and my friend forgot. So I loved this one originally, but I also love the idea of altering it. Maybe I'll share both versions. I don't know. kisses. M.

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