Saturday, May 16, 2009

Too Funky.

Too Funky - George Michael

Thought this was appropriate since I'm working on a fashion related story. Oh yes, someone brought it up and I guess I'm taking requests. I am not! Just kidding. It was brought up... indirectly, and I was posed an interesting question by my friend Robbie. So it seems proper that I bring this to life, for this lovely inquiry. The idea was always already there and now I'm just meshing out the rest and putting it down. Again as always... don't thank me 'til you've read it. : )

Anyhow, this is an old video with some very lovely models from back in the 90s supermodel days. Linda Evangelista is one of my favorites. She's is one of the people I modeled my original haircut on months ago (Not here! Bad wig). Minus the platinum blonde (Freedom 90). Of course. If you've never seen the Isaac Mizrahi movie - Unzipped. Watch it. She's a riot. Also this clip has some very fun clothes. Motorcycle Bustier which is one of my all time favorite pieces. I would rock that if I had somewhere very interesting to go. I also saw that it recently resurfaced in a Beyonce promo photo for her tour. Hmm? There is very very young Tyra Banks at the close of the clip as well. Anyway always a favorite video. The track comes from the RED HOT - Dance compilation. RED HOT compilations are charity organized and this particular one donated to AIDS (ie: Keith Haring cover). I still think proceeds are donated when it is purchased or downloaded/purchased online. Oh well, back to that story... 

And... I AM SUPER EXCITED. I have another story as well. It's a music one! It came to me in the car a little while ago. So I was speeding like 85 to get home and put it down. Let's say le fashion piece may take a backseat... Kisses. m.

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