Friday, April 3, 2009

I still lose my keys...

Oh boy
where have I put my keys?

I've looked in my pocket
behind the newspaper
and underneath the remote control
and I cannot find where I put it again

Oh boy
I cannot find my keys
I'm far too late

The door is open now
a taxi is waiting there

A phone keeps ringing
I am definitely not going to
pick it up

when I grow up
I'm gonna get those fancy keyrings
that you whistle at
and they whistle right back
at you

Domestica - Bjork

Well, I lost my keys today and it was just ridiculously hilarious. Truth be told if my head wasn't screwed on correctly I would probably loose that occasionally too. All of it is really funny cause I just happened to be talking with someone about this two days ago. We were completely joking. Sometimes I have moments where I'm really absent-minded and I can lose my keys while I'm physically holding them in my hand or in my pocket. I really can be this random and ridiculous at times. 

Right now the cause... well it's been an emotionally trying and very long week for me. Let's just say... I'm hanging on the best I can. As should all of you. The weekend will prove to be better. I'm going to Spain on Sunday/Monday. That will be fun and it's been something to focus on. AND...I was reminded that Bjork recorded Homogenic in Spain so I'm even more excited about it. Anyhow back to the music, this song reminds me of losing my keys and my really old friend Sean who used to make fun of me when I did. It used to happen all of the time. Twice daily. I think we even bought me the whistle thing, but I lost that too. Do you ever lose your keys? kisses. m.

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