Friday, March 13, 2009

You could be the death of me.

Maybe Tonight - Nicole Atkins

OK! OK! I will take whatever noise you want to give me right now. But you can't have that much rage out there. The world's angry enough already and it's not healthy to contribute to that. To keep balance I think something a little lighter was needed. 

This video is so much fun. By the way this is Nicole Atkins. She's this amazing singer that I discovered last summer. Another night when I was completely blue, cause I wanted something I couldn't have. So I decided to look up the videos that accompanied my newly purchased treasure. See it was one of those albums I downloaded cause I heard about 30 secs of her voice and knew my world was incomplete without her music. I was right. Hopefully someone out there will love her music too! ENJOY! kisses. m.

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