Monday, March 9, 2009

You Better Work.

Supermodel - RuPaul

I know exactly what you’re thinking. “OH no, SHE DIDN’T!” Yes I did! What? Just a hair flip, HONEY! Uh-huh. In case you are thinking this is completely random of me… guess again. I’ve kinda been leading up to this one. Really? Oh my gawd! I love drag queens. Please if I had that kind of makeup and wigs at my arsenal and a fierce ass drag name, I could rule the world, in no less than 6+ inch stilettos with AMAZING hair! 

When I come out all made up I feel as though I’m in drag sometimes. Crazy that it’s relatable to moi, huh? Not if you really know how I am. Besides I’m loving the new RuPaul show, Drag Race It’s been a great distraction for moi… these last few weeks. Let’s just say my job may be under question very soon and I’m struggling with what that means for the future of it all. But for now getting made up definitely is a lot of fun… any ol’ time. Especially when there isn’t a point to it all. Chin up! Smile! It‘s gonna be ok. Besides I’d be FAB anywhere! kisses. m.

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