Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Unfinished Sympathy.

Unfinished Sympathy - Massive Attack

Going to share. This is an old song for me. Really old. Here's the thing, I used to sneak and listen to my headphones at night when I was a kid. There was always these late night radio shows that would play like from 1am-4am or whatever. I used to love to hear all this new music and felt completely in touch with something special. Some things never change. I still listen to my headphones at night sometimes. Not to the radio though. Radio has changed so much. 

Well the lovely thing with this track... The first time I heard this it was an instrumental mix (Paul Oakenfold) on a house music show and I had the smart chance of being able to tape the show and this track. Masterful? I still have that tape somewhere. I was in love with this track. It wouldn't be until two years later that I would be able to hear the words. Which sealed the deal. The track was featured on the soundtrack to Sliver which I was totally vibing to back when. Um it's an interesting enough movie. I prefer the music. But anyhow. I love the video. It's simple. Keeps it clean. You're only focusing the voice and the music. I really the love that it's like real life. On the street. Walking. 

Enjoy. kisses, m.

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