Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Four Letter Word.

F-E-A-R! I know there was at least one person hoping for some more colorful language. Sorry to disappoint on that note, but I'm not swearing as much these days. However there are a few other four letter words I could throw out there... Blind. Deaf. Dumb. One was five letters. But there's no disagreement here on their meaning or significance. Above all no language.


Fear, a most paralyzing emotion. More powerful than a drug. It's enough to race your pulse, pumps your heart, and stirs up a whole lot of adrenaline. They say fear can reduce the strongest man to a sniveling coward. I believe that. Fear can make you do some pretty crazy things, and some pretty awful things too. I've done some very hurtful things thanks to my own doubts and insecurities. I can't take them back. I was afraid and unable to react beacuse I was paralyzed by my own fears. That's really never an excuse, but it's the truth. Face your demons, conquer your fears, etc. Oh that's always easier said than done. It's terrifying to come face to face with something and react the wrong way. But that's fear for you. It's that thing that makes you very much human and completely flawed at that. You never know when it will surface and how you'll react when it does.


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