Saturday, March 28, 2009


Oh honestly now, of course there has to be a balance. Night/Day

Each Dawn I Die.

Mornings are always melancholy for me. It's like a little part of you dies when a new day begins. But don't misunderstand me. Each dawn brings a new start. Rebirth. The Phoenix rises out of the ashes and is reborn. Sometimes things have to die with the night. But what do I know these days? I'm random at best leaving myself post-its and scribbles of ideas all over the place. And for the record, I can't keep up with myself either.

Beautiful Day.

Beautiful Day - Mellowdrone

The last couple of days have been nothing less than beautiful. Again, why don't I own that convertible? Friday was spent in and out all day. Bills, shopping, a sad but necessary decision, a little planning and some fun for a few hours too. Lets just say I was in the air and out my element. [1500 ft zip line & got lost again. SHHH!] Anyhow, I've been trying to figure out my new, well my latest mobile. It's supposed to make things easier, mostly for when I'm out. I don't quite have the hang of all my online features yet. Soon enough. Don't you hate being stuck in-between phones? Oh well. Today was brilliant cause I got see all the close family in one day. Which is always fun! Weekends off are a rarity and this one turned out grand. kisses, m.

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