Saturday, February 7, 2009


I get irritated when I'm tired! I was exhausted from a long day (@ the ocean) yesterday and temperamental since this was supposed to go up last night. The computer and I didn't agree. I've had a rough patch with technology these last few months... which has now culminated in the slow demise of both my laptop and dig. camera. Of course I'm devastated but it's another story. No I didn't break anything last night. Even if it sounded incredibly smart @ 11 pm, @ 3 am and again @ 7 am.

Blame it on Vertigo. (Kim Novak / James Stewart). I'd been taking a few day trips, on my own (solo), in last week or so. (*blame that on my open cage/my free spirit) A couple ended up in 'the city' (SF for my worldly friends) which were both inspired by my recent watching of Vertigo. Gotta love old movies for inspiration. It's kinda scary since I'm onto Casablanca right now. It will be interesting how that manifests. For now I'm just sketching again, but that's not because of the movies. There's something else inspiring me... But anyway back to Vertigo. There's this scene where Kim Novak jumps into the bay from the side of Fort Point. The fun thing about Fort Point... it sits directly below a portion of the Golden Gate bridge and that alone is worth seeing if you've never laid eyes on it. I've been there, too many times, but since it's INSPIRED, of course I go again. Giving into my whims has become almost addictive, as long as they are within reason. I made some promises. I hit the beach and some imaginary trails before I went to the Fort. There was some rain and some sun, and Nizario's (the best pizza in SF) Here's a clip from the movie.
If it grabs a hold of you... Watch the movie!



For all those jumpers!! Unfortunately it doesn't stop the surfers... they were having a blast out there anyway.

My surreal moment of the day

So, this bird was following me; seriously flying/circling around me. Apparently he wanted my attention. I've got this thing with birds or rather they with me. (YES! another Hitchcock movie) Wow. I was just lucky enough to get this.

My music...? Of course! My #1 song on the playlist had to be: 'Seal Jubilee' - Bats for Lashes

How was your day?


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