Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love, Hate Then There’s You.


This is my new obsession – you know the new love of my life... musically that is. The Von Bondies / Love, Hate Then There’s You. Don’t you just love that title name? It's the new music I can’t live without. Of course it's questionable. BUT... do you dare take it away from moi? This album is really something special! I expect big things from this group this year. It’s rather funny cause I’ve been on this for nearly a week, and obviously tormenting others with my continual listening. Well that was until I finally gave in, broke down and bought it. (Extra tracks are an online exclusive… Amazon. Itunes. SHHH!) I can’t get enough either. AND, I adore the cover!!!! I wish someone would threaten me with a gun more often when I’m writing. It would subdue my urge to move onto other things. The whole album is brilliant and you’ve gotta see the video… Alright it’s just a little destructive.

Pale Bride

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