Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cure Day!!!

Cure Day!!!

I’ve always wanted to explain this. At least for a little while now. Today seemed like a good day, since it’s kind of a CURE DAY! I’ve had an interesting day! Lots of ups, (which were fantastic and unexpected surprises), and a couple of downs that I really don’t know where to put except aside for now. Honestly it’s a Cure Day when the world seems to just be Too Much. Too intense, too funny, too sad, too happy, etc. OVERWHELMING! And there’s nothing at all that you can stand to hear. Everything is so humdrum and been done already and you can’t stand the thought of playing anything new. So the best remedy is THE CURE! And it has to be a mix of old and new CURE. Because there’s such a grand variety of music involved with this band. One minute he’s singing about misery and you totally sympathize and want to hang yourself… BUT, on the next track he’s in love and gushing & swinging about the room. So then you’re in love too, singing & dancing about the room. The Cure is my answer for those ‘Inbetween Days‘ when I don’t have a clue how to fix that problem or get inside of a situation. I just listen and feel so much better after I’ve been through it!

Catch - The Cure Taken from Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
*This video always set in me the desire for a black violin.

I know I said I had writers (artistic) block. AHA! Actually there’s a couple of reasons I’m still pushing on...

#1) I’m going to be completely honest here, bend the rules and break the artist code. All artist types keep lists or notebooks of ideas. I still have lots of ideas in my book so to speak. (For example, I have like the next 3-4 or so of the music series already thought out, and a red bathtub I‘m working on, + more.) The problem is that list is slim, for me. There’s not a lot of new ideas right now and I’m a bit afraid of hitting the bottom of my list. 

#2) My bedroom is changing again. It’s on slow-mo right now. Which is a bummer, but it’s a magnificent thing too. See here’s the thing, the universe has dropped a UBER bookcase in my living room and I’m just re-planning how it will fit in my room. I’m excited about this new furniture development and lots of plans to sort out! 

 Oh well, back to ‘The Cure’! Enjoy. Kisses. m.

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