Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Beauty in Tragedy.

End of the World - Shocking Pinks

One of my favorite musicians. Yes it's one of those fellows who goes along solo and comes up with a witty band name. Anyhow I came across this track a couple? a few? years back when I had just come home after a long, rainy, windy and quite miserable day in the City, San Francisco. I had been doing my usual scouring of Youtube & Itunes for new music to soothe my tortured soul. Yeah despite my choice to use the BART to train in and not drive, my day was still far from pleasant. I missed running into an old friend by the inches of a Muni [subway] door closing and left gasping in shock, I was late to my design function and insult to injury, I returned home quite late, drenched with torn stockings after losing my umbrella. Pretty much in tears and desperately needing musical therapy. This video, the music and lyrics just reached out and soothed my soul that night. Because of some unrest I just wanted things to make sense again. See there's comfort in that idea. BUT who lives in the past, aside from great music and fabulous memories? You know? Anyhow great music! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the video! Enjoy! Kisses. m.

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