Wednesday, January 14, 2009


People are always surprised to find out that I don't listen to Bjork to pull me out of a bad mood. I've just never thought of her music in that way. Granted there a few tracks that are highly motivating and fun, but that's never enough to turn things. Its really needless to say, but I don't think just anything you put on will make it all better. You have to try to find the right thing and hopefully that does the trick. There is some music that needs a warning label. A good example is Beck-Sea Change. I love this album, but unfortunately it is on the darker, sadder side of things and should be listened to with great caution. Still its an amazing album, definitely go out and buy it, but remember... CAUTION! Not all people can handle the power of the sad song.

......As far as my blue mood, well the last week was completely exhausting, emotionally and physically (my very sick dog who is better thanks to all my round-the-clock attention and devotion), and this week has gotten off to a rough start too with some crazy things that I will talk about later, but for now there's always the music... and the red wine. Now that's a story. kisses. m.

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