Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Haircuts, Headaches, and Heartbreaks.


So I’ve wanted to cut my hair! And being my impulsive self as usual I finally did it. I’ve spent the last few days looking for this postcard, but I couldn’t find it. And IT had to be THIS postcard. Mostly because I hadn’t the slightest idea what I wanted to do at first as far as a cut and it’s in the spirit of the moment. For now, it’s short! That’s an understatement too. Last time I axed it off, 6 months ago; I took 8 inches off when I had just received bad news, the worst kind. This time there’s no bad news, but it’s definitely time for a change. And I love to shock people, so the reveal on this has been a lot fun. Pics? Soon? I don’t know.


The worst! I feel like this picture. My insides feel like they have been ripped out. Last week or so has been extremely uncomfortable to say the least. Had a couple of strange things happen and I promised to share….
-A very real very threatening phone call… at work. Apparently, working with the public can be hazardous to your health. Hehe.
-A crazy stalker-esque situation, again at work […and possibly online], which prompted much of my schedule and page changes, which shouldn’t affect anyone else. Really? Besides my deletions. This particular situation made me loose my cool since it’s highly unusual. I still consider this person’s behavior quite hostile since I used to know them. It’s all very odd. INDEED!
…As long as I can still laugh about it all it’s not that bad.


No not I. I’m unlucky in love and mess things up A LOT. It’s actually quite comical. Anyway it’s still not about me. So this fellow I had the opportunity to talk with this last week, was engaged sometime ago. It was all very romantic. Unfortunately it was not to last. Of very recent, the woman he was to marry, the love of his life, abruptly changed her mind after discouragement from her family. It’s a very sad story and every time I see him now, I hope to hear that she’s changed her mind. I know she’s made a mistake. He knows she’s making a mistake. You can see it his eyes and hear it in his voice, that he would take her back regardless of her change of heart. My hope is that it all has a happy ending. It needs to… the world needs more happy endings. They are out there. I've seen them.

kisses. m.

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