Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Best of Times/Worst of Times

The Best of Times. The Worst of Times.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Someone keeps telling me that Winston Churchill said it, but I'm pretty sure it's Charles Dickens. Backseat drivers and people that interject their ten cents are the worst. They never know where they are going and most of the time get it wrong. I've been reflecting on the last year and quite thankful for the new one to begin. I have lots of plans. There's a move, the new jobs, which I can not be more excited for, and the possibility of moving the blog so I can share more things.

The Best

*Family and friends - Those that are left. Thanks to everyone who stood by my side through this mess. I've been fortunate to have such a great group of people still in my life. I had the opportunity to spend a tremendous amount of time with my family thanks to the downtime from my mess. My niece's first trip to Disneyland. Getting to feed the Giraffes at the zoo.

*Concerts and Music - Thank you my extended music family for all the great new sounds. Travis and Erin thanks for Kill Hannah and Warped Tour. Leti thank you for Janet.

*Money - Being technically caged. I spent a lot of money and heartache. But I wouldn't have spent it any other way. I had longed for downtime and I was given it. You have to be careful what you wish for or how you ask for it.

The Worst

*Friends - I lost a lot of people this year. Losing people never gets any easier. I can only wish people well and hope that life works out for them.

*Money - Again it really was a bummer to have to spend that much money on nothing. But I really don't regret it at all. It think if I was meant to have that money in the bank it would still be there.

Here's to the New Year and all the possibility it will bring!

Happy New Year!

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