Tuesday, May 27, 2014

In the moment

"Women have to be entertained..." he tells me. 

At the time I disagreed because I thought to myself, "what woman makes a man jump through hoops when she already has chosen to spend and enjoy a moment with him? She finds him fascinating or she would not be there." So I decided, he was mistaken. For no man should entertain someone he enjoys spending time with. It's not a chore if you are happy to. 

However, in hindsight, I think maybe I misunderstood. You see, yes women do need a bit of encouragement in the nature of romance. Now, please never mistake entertainment with seduction. You are not merely entertaining a woman for company's sake if you want something that is more than conversation and companionship. So if you enjoy your time with a woman and want to romance her... it is not entertainment. And yes, men, you do need to try to make an effort. Stealing kisses and breaking hearts only works until you decide you want something else.

Here's an older story about sharing a passionate moment... To live in the moment. Some moments are worth the thrill even though they may be risky and possibly reckless. Agree or disagree? 

Kisses, m. 

“Are you trying to seduce me?”
 “Would you like me to seduce you?
“Is that what you’re trying to tell me?”
-The Graduate.


“Seduce me,” she says.

“I’ll go to bed with you but it won’t work unless you seduce me,” she protests firmly.

So I buy the wine and flowers. Light the candles then spray a light mist of vanilla-rose oil upon the sheets. Setting the scene are the sounds of a Spanish guitar. Warm is the wine, low are the lights, and soft is the music. I’m already drinking a glass of wine in anticipation of her arrival and enjoying the mood of the music as it enters my soul.

“It’s late. Come with me.” I tell her, “We are free and alive; there is nothing wrong with sharing the night together.” She blushes with a smile that shows part of her teeth. “Drink another glass of wine.”

“But what of attachments and commitments?” She continues to blush and avert her eyes. “I do need another glass of wine before I can agree to go with you.”

There is a knock on the door. A glimpse of her in the back of my mind appears out of nothing. I’m still holding the wine and dancing toward the door. Every movement has become a part of the harmony. Including the turn of the handle on the door.

“You’re not even trying.” She smiles with a laugh in her eyes. She isn’t blushing. “It’s all about encouragement.”


“The offer isn’t encouragement enough? You’ve already admitted you are intrigued with my offer.” She blushes and turns away with my candid response.

She’s full of life when she walks through the door. Skin is already in full blush and she has an answer for the question that hasn’t been asked. “I’m just here to enjoy a glass of wine and some conversation.” Her movements have a similar harmony to mine, but she enters with a little hesitation.

 “Intrigued?” Her face is flush with excitement. This is a coy little game. She protests far too much.

“Suggesting that I seduce you was quite agreeable don’t you think? Life is but a passing moment why would you question this moment we are sharing? It could be special… it could be more.”

She says, “Oh please… Tell me more and I’ll meet you for a drink in your room.”

“I’ll try my best,” I tell her. There’s more blushing as she swallows the last of the wine. Leaning forward she rests her hand on my thigh and laughs in a tiny quiet breath.

She walks away from the door. I greet her reluctance with a question of my own.  “But what is this?” I continue to move to toward the bed. She follows and sits silently as I hand her a glass of wine. “You came to the room knowing the possibility of events that would come. Arrival has already set the tone for something to happen. Whether we make love is up to your mood. Let’s not negotiate what will come to pass. Have a glass of wine and let the music guide our actions.”

The music moves her. I can see the magic in her eyes. She requires no encouragement. There is no trying. It’s such a shame she has to play this game with me. But in the end we will both get what we want. If the pursuit of seduction is what she craves I can happily comply.  I ask her what she wants although I can tell that she is here for more than a glass of wine. I know differently. Playfully she continues to talk nervously, talking of passion and romance. She says she is wanting more than what is in front of her.  

With the glimmer of light from the room her eyes twinkle. The air is warm and gentle. I place my hand on her cheek. My words can only continue to tell her of the mood, the beauty of living in the moment and how disappointed she will be if she doesn’t follow through with her desires. This is enough.

Her hands shift onto mine. “You’ve seduced me. And you’re very much right. I’m here to go to bed with you. This is a beautiful moment but unless you undress me soon, I may change my mind.”


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