Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Godiva House

Barbie knows that a grand house makes every Ken feel like a conquering God! Dolls, it may seem old fashioned but you might want to try letting your favorite Ken take the lead. What Ken wouldn't want to feel like they could champion the world? This Barbie knows she could run it, but it takes a special kind of Ken to conquer the world. Life in your Dreamhouse must match your Kens godly stature and a home like this is definitely a gift from the Gods!

Godiva House by Empty Space Architecture 

The “Godiva house”, fits in a rational architecture, where the accuracy of the design associated with the use of simple geometric, use of noble materials and new construction methods, giving rise to a dynamic architectural object where the accuracy of the construction detail and the artistic form derived from a method based on constant dialogue between form and function. In a terrain of triangular drawing, two rectangular volumes interconnected by a central quadrangular volume (pivot), are rotated according to the imposed limits by municipal rules alignments, materializing the drawing of a house.” (Via/Archdaily)

Would you live in the Godiva House?

Barbie would!

Kisses, m.

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