Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Running Wall Residence

Dolls do you get caught up running around too much? Well don't get stuck alongside a wall! Just grab your favorite Ken and live behind one!

The Running WallResidence 

The Running Wall Residence is a house in Kerala, India.

The wall is laterite, a building stone but per se not something with which the natural stone branch might occupy itself.

It is a waste product of granite or basalt e.g. exposed to tropical climate for extended periods at the end of which often pronounced shades of red ensue. It is sometimes dense enough to use as a building stone but definitely easy to mine which is why it is the material of choice for low-cost building."

Would you live in The Running Wall Resdience? Or just run alongside the wall?

Barbie thinks you'd do both!

Kisses, m.

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