Saturday, September 10, 2011

If life's a game, true love's a trophy.

If life’s a game, true love’s a trophy.

Woke up this morning and it wasn’t heaven.
Won't have a soul to wake up while
I wonder if there's hearts that will deliver.
Speaking in metaphors for something in your heart
I’m waiting for the present dream to last.
Why can't I sleep with my eyes open?
There's no reason my mind should be still.

Is every kind of love an imaginary love?
Why does it always have to be chaos?
Quiet. I don't want to know the answers.
Got a dream and that's all I need.

You gave me your love in one day
And with your heart you will never lose.
Tell me, if will you settle for love.
Saw what I'm looking for in your eyes
Where beauty is existence. You turn me on
Love, longer than day making my heart sing.

All of my life days turn into nights.
It's only when you're outside that you notice
From where you are, to where I am.

When you were here I missed you. Now 
You just sittin there dreamin' of instant pleasure.
I’ll hold you the way you should be.
Rest and forget yourself in my arms tonight.
And wouldn't it be lovely? Life is Beautiful. 
There'll be rainbows and we will finally know.

What I believe in I know is true
There'll come a time, now don't forget it 
You’ll believe in love, what’s supposed to be.
And my love for you will drive your
Need to go. When I'm leaving for Paris
Please be there. Don't know where I’ll fall.

Won't you walk me through it all, darling?
I don't know what I'm doing, I'm saying
Will I walk away from love knowing nothing?
Do I guess to have no more fears?

If life’s a game, true love’s a trophy.
Keep in the game maintaining mystique facing forward.

*Track Listing.
After you've gone 
The Tower Of Learning
Oh, What A World
Between my legs
Instant Pleasure
Imaginary Love
Greek Song
This Love Affair
Leaving For Paris No. 2
Waiting For A Dream
I'm Not Ready To Love
Movies Of Myself
Nobody's Off The Hook
April Fools
In My Arms
The One you love
Release The Stars
Do I Disappoint You
I Don't Know What It Is
One Man Guy
Cigarettes And Chocolate Milk
Going To A Town
Beautiful Child
14th Street

8 words. Rufus Wainwright. A few months old but definitely was here first. And apparently not without it's charm. There are now about thirty different '8words' and there will be more. enjoy if you've never seen it. kisses. m.

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