Monday, August 22, 2011

One day it's now or never to stay.

One day it's now or never to stay.

Out on a thousand islands in the sea.
What does this ship bring from far across
To an island, and ride the stormy sea?

Save it another day it’s nothing I regret.
I'll do the best keeping my hands in.
So no looking back now, just pushing through.

Everybody makes mistakes even me. Just be free.
Turn again and turn towards life this time.
I can't reason with failure of code. The
Wisdom of a fool won't set you free.
Betrayed by words, never heard, hard to say.
And you think you know what's going on.

Everything to me, the sweetest symphony. All that
Last night I didn't think would ever end.
I'm not the kind that likes to tell
But I feel so extraordinary something's gotten hold.
This feeling inside me can't confront the decay
Sometimes the real living dreams are better than
Those lies which seem to take a lifetime.

Once I looked at stars from underneath trees.
Deep eyes they slept beneath an open sky.
Rise and fall of shame. The search remains
Cause these streets are so empty this time.

Please picture an image of a person who
Was searching for another place in another time,
Always so vain. Life lived like a shadow
Past until completion that turns away no more
In a house full of doors. Only exits.

Get going. This is no place to shiver. 
It's forgotten. It was summer, now it's autumn.

To acquire a taste for a different sound
Travel open spaces, dusty roads to distant places
Maps never show. Then you've nothing to hide 
With a life that'll burn 'til the end.
And life goes on and on in reality.

Ask no questions, I'll tell you no lies.
It’s just like the ocean or the sea.
One day it's now or never to stay.

Track Listing
Leave Me Alone
As It Is When It Was
Dreams Never End
Age of Consent
Way of life
Bizarre Love triangle
Round & Round
Ruined in a day
Someone like you
Waiting for the siren’s call
60 miles an hour
Morning night and day
Run Wild
Times Change
Primitive Notion
Everybody Everywhere
Young Offender
Guilt is a Useless Emotion
Thieves like us
Blue Monday
True Faith
Sooner than you think
Chosen Time
Doubts even here
This time of night
We All Stand
Your Silent Face

8 words. New Order. Unoriginal Original. Ceremony is easily one of my favorite tracks. How about you? Ever listen to New Order?

On The 8 words. If you’re looking for hidden meanings directed intently outward. There are none. But it is poetry in the lyrics. The ‘8words’ are truly my adoration of lyrics manipulated into a different form. A few times, with very gifted lyrics, there is truly a deeper metaphor. But that reflects the incomparable talent behind the lyrics. I'll never seek to publish them. It would take from the very thing that these people work so hard to accomplish. enjoy the music. kisses. m.

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