Sunday, June 12, 2011

There are places to come from and go.

There are places to come from and go.

Elusive dreams, vague desires fanned to fiery needs.
We burned brightly clinging like fire to fuel.
We once loved together and floodlit that time.
That was a dream we had some time
When you felt my fire it was precious.
Watching your hair and the clouds and stars.
Feel so wild you could break somebody's heart.
Dreams like that are very hard to share.

Sometimes I blink 'cause I think I see
You. And can't help how you feel tonight.
Night after night lie awake and dream of
The wild things running fast in the dark.
Moon in the mirror, a reflection of kisses.
Birds in spring only lovers hear them sing
Dreaming of the pleasure they’re going to have.

Love is not a game played with inconsistency.
Cause once comes love nothing can be done.
Feeling too foolish and strange to say words
Everyday. Your love puts on a new face
When say you don't know what you’re doing.
Now believe that love is here to stay.

I don't like quiet I wish I were
Changing as the days come down to you.
Sometimes change comes at you with only chaos.

I miss your touch and lips so much
Giving me such pleasure. Bringing me such pain.
I miss the kisses, I miss the bites.
I can feel your fingers feeling my face.

Don’t know what you've got till it's gone
I've looked at love from both sides now.
You’ve gotta give up a piece of soul
for the truth. Let the fight go out.
Whisper out of time before it then comes.

You say that we can start anew. You’re
Searching my soul because this must be fate.
There'll be new dreams, better dreams and plenty.

There are places to come from and go.
Till you get there you never really know.

8 words. Joni Mitchell. The other day somebody tells me they’ve never heard of Joni and I am still absolutely speechless. Have you listened to Joni Mitchell? Well, if you’ve never heard of Joni Mitchell, it’s time you do yourself some musical homework and have a listen. She happens to be one of the most amazing and brilliant singer-songwriters EVER. It’s mandatory listening for any true audiophile. Anyway… Enjoy it all! Nothing holds the key to your happiness… you do. Have to do what you want as long as it harms no one else. No one wants to see you come to any harm; if they do… you are so much better than them already. Enjoy the things that are unexpected and be happy. kisses. m.

Track Listing
Both Sides Now
I don't know where I stand
Love puts on a new face
Big yellow taxi
You dream flat tires
Here today and gone tomorrow
Blonde in the bleachers
Circle game
Nothing can be done
Wild things run fast
Comes love
Impossible dreamer
Don't interrupt the sorrow
Night in the city
I wish I were in love again
Day after day
Answer me my love
Just like this train
 Free man in Paris
Down to you
In France They Kiss on Main Street
Moon in the mirror
Stay in touch
Blue on blue
Good Friends

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