Wednesday, June 1, 2011

And the world just screams and falls apart.

And the world just screams and falls apart.

The world it goes and awaits the day. 
I'm calling softly crawl across towards your window
Wanting warm and moving bends towards soothing touch.
Always half awake and sleeping on my feet
Your beauty is seeping out through the clothes
Please stay awhile and I’ll fill your heart.

Your heart hanging open all over the sheets.
I am listening to hear where you are.
There is music that sounds from the street.

There’s a taste in this life more inviting.
I love the way your kiss is heavenly.
I'm not afraid of love in this daydream. 
It's you and me and life has begun. 

You were needing me. When you believed all
I wanted was to be in your body,
In your mouth and say I love you.
To sing, say my dream has come and
In a blink of an eye you’re gone.

Oh ah, but why are they weeping now?
As empty anger falls out from their eyes
Someone is waiting to swallow all of you.
And the world just screams and falls apart.

Up and over we go, mouths open wide
Placing fingers through the notches in your spine.
The weight is waiting off fell the world.
I’m so empty please, please don't leave me.
Chasing the only meaningful memory you had left.

And when I put my arms around you,
It hurts you everyday. I lay naked so
We’d learn what each other's bodies were for.
Run my lips across your fingers till you
Find you are beautiful and trembling with life.

Like the feeling you get when you realize
That your love was all left within me.
And now you know you'll never be afraid.
In your heart there's a spark that screams.
Struggling to find the secret songs you keep.
Tear out your heart; send me your secrets.

Neutral Milk Hotel. A new recommend from a fellow who loves this band and an interesting revisit from my past. He tells me that there is so much emotion in the song from this guy's voice and that is so true. I Love, Love, Love the amazing singers that pour every ounce of their soul into the song. Emotional connection to the craft is amazing! Needless to say… I’m recommending. Old is new. On tour in select cities. Check it out. If you’ve never heard… why not try something new? Enjoy. kisses. m.

*Track Listing
Snow Song, Pt. 1
A Baby for Pree
Two-Headed Boy 
April 8th 
Communist Daughter
Everything Is
Gardenhead/Leave Me 
Holland, 1945
I Love How You Love Me
In the Aeroplane Over the Sea 
King of Carrot Flowers, Pts. 2-3
My Dream Girl Don't Exist
Oh Comely
Sailing Through 
She Did A Lot Of Acid
Someone Is Waiting
Song Against Sex
The King of Carrot Flowers, Pt. 1 
Three Peaches
Two-Headed Boy, Pt. 2
Where You'll Find Me Now

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