Thursday, May 26, 2011

We're all alone on the stage tonight.

We're all alone on the stage tonight.

On top the world, looking over the edge
We're all alone on the stage tonight and
We let it in. We give it out.
We know all our lines so well, ah-ha.
You don't hear what I’m saying, do you?

It's been such a long week. They’re crying.
Just being alive can really hurt; these moments
Are filling up with the shivers and quivers.
You could just see them screaming and weeping?

Do you want to feel how it feels?
For I know there's something you must tell. 
Tell me what song you are singing and
Tell me all the things that you need.
You don't need words just one kiss, then
Feel your body relax giving me good lines.
We’re always waiting, and I feel you hesitate.
Eventually, you'll fall and then down you'll go.

I'm giving all in a moment or two.
Whatever happens what really matters? All we've got
Flows around all that comes in our way.
I know that something good is gonna happen.
I don't know what. Can't run from it. 
Been told when I get older, I'll understand.

Give me that kiss, give me your hand.
I'm coming back love. My only one dream
Running in the night hiding in the dark
Walking down the street, brushing arms, moonlight dancing.

Let it take over, set your spirit dancing.
You can be thrilled you can be free.
You can dance the dream. With your body
You're making rain, and you're just in reach.
Reach out; touch the past and the future.

When you walked up before the music started, 
You talked me into the game of chance.
Don't know why I give in? I do. 
Here I go. Don’t let go. Hold me.
You give me... Please don't let me go.
Music is all you got in this life.

8 words. Kate Bush. Been chain listening to Kate today. Lovely. One of my favorite voices. I happen to tell someone that there are no words in the human language yet created to describe this lady’s voice. As there are not. Her music is one of my love affairs in this life. Enjoy if you’ve never heard Kate Bush. She is…. Will change your life. Especially more so if you are a musician or singer, then you know what I mean. Enjoy. Kisses.  m.

*Track Listing
Running Up That Hill
And So Is Love
The Red Shoes
The Man With The Child In His Eyes
Wuthering Heights
Watching You Without Me
Hounds Of Love
The Sensual World
This Woman's Work
On Fire Inside A Snowball
Moments Of Pleasure
So Soft
Come Closer To Me Babe
In The Warm Room
Not This Time
King of the Mountain
Heads we’re dancing
In Search of Peter pan
Love And Anger
The Kick Inside
Blow away
Constellation of the heart

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