Tuesday, May 10, 2011


"I'm always right; you are always right. Now what?"
- taken from 'a year of living your yoga' Judith Hanson Lasater, Phd, PT

People very often choose to believe what they want. They seldom take into account what is actually happening on the other end of things. Or step into someone's shoes. I personally find that stepping into someone's side of things to be the most refreshing thing and sometimes the most painful. One of my best friends of ten plus years tends to see green when I see white. I think I've shared that sentiment before when talking about other people as it has universal relevance. It sometimes plagues me and tries his patience when we have a dispute, yet we manage to remain friends. But you have to understand that it is not without its own challenges. We put it aside and choose not to focus on the conflict because it is a waste of time.

Reality? It's what you choose to see because there is no ONE reality. There is both negative and positive aspects in life. You have to feel both to endure. However, when all you want to focus on is the negative, then that is all you will ever see. Because fear is a manifestation in your mind. You can not control the world outside of yourself, meaning the people in it. You'll only find that to be frustrating. And trying to outhink it will be just as trying on your patience. Telling someone anything to hurt them, or gain revenge, or etc is pointless and silly. Actions alone hurt and wound, words can not possibly alter that.

Right? There is no right. No one has anything to prove. It is what it is.

- m.

*Tonight I'm yet again experiencing a technological hiccup and will let it slide once more for a night out with friends. Will be back with more including the deets on my excursion. enjoy the night. kisses. m.

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