Friday, April 29, 2011

It's your day, do you got the truth?

It's your day, do you got the truth?

It's your day, do you got the truth?
Sometimes you find the truth you go insane.
The wheels still spinning & it's coming around
Falling a million miles an hour, fast asleep.

Searching for an explanation to why I sleep.
Couldn’t believe my eyes when I woke up.
Lost in some ways this world has more
To say, but now there is nothing left
Of what's deep inside. I’m not afraid anymore.

Something is wrong with you what is it?
Say you don't love but it's a lie.
And you don’t know what to say
Cause you don't know you've lost. Its gone.
You’re gone. You’re regretting every word you said.

I’m forgetting, all the things that your regretting
Because I think that its this time you
Looked. So deep inside that we can't see
What we want to see through this reality.
The world’s yours to discover with new eyes.

Relax in the ignorance of images cause beautiful
It's in our eyes and in our skin
Cause we breathe in everything just from listening.

Our voices are unspoken and our needs unmet.
We need disaster to love until we're blinded
Cause its the love we are forgetting now.

You need to find some of that clarity. 
Instead of your past mistakes try mind elevation.
Love with all your hearts and never forget
The past will die before the future's born.

Life is hard but it's always getting better
It’s the choices that we choose in everyday.
If we could understand that we're all strange.
We take for granted all that we have.
Too busy occupied with dying to consider life
A new adventure to a place we can't find.

One more hope for tomorrow, one more kiss
One kiss for all the world, one for
No more sorrow, not tomorrow only happiness today. 

8 words – RX Bandits. Titled. Surprise! Another interesting musical recommend that I happen to pass on. Sometimes people will recommend music that I’m completely unaware of and wouldn’t have discovered on my own. And I love it. This is one of those instances and it is amazing to have this in my library. Honestly it wasn’t my cup of tea by glance but I listened and found, as I almost always do, a connection. The words behind the music were instantly what sent me in and I’ve never looked back. Anyhow… enjoy the music, the day, the living, the loving and the breathing. Kisses.m.

*track listing
A Mouth Full Of Hollow Threats
...And The Battle Begun
All the time
Analog Boy
Anyone But You
Consequential Apathy
Crushing Destroyer
Falling Down The Mountain
Never Slept So Soundly
Nothing Sacred
Now Or Never
On A Lonely Screen
One Million Miles An Hour, Fast Asleep 
Only For The Night
Overcome (The Recapitulation)
Sell You Beautiful
Taking Chase As The Serpent Slithers
Ten Seconds Never Seemed So Long
This Time
To Our Unborn Daughters
Up To No Good
Walk Away
Who Would Have Thought
Wrong With Me

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