Friday, April 29, 2011

Another year for the romantic and songs he sings.

Another year for the romantic and songs he sings.

I had a dream last night about when
That night while the band played I held
The girl that I love in my arms.
I fell in love with her real easy.
Miss it when she used to kiss me.

I wonder “where do old lovers go?” While
In the middle of night my stereo plays.

Another year for the romantic and songs, he
Sings “all you’ve got to do is fall
In love.” With you only Lady I’m sure
That it doesn’t happen too much any more

Maybe you’ve been waiting too long, too long
Waiting for an invitation. It’s never gonna come.
And do you think they would tell you
That it’s coming for you, ready or not.

Why? It’s not for you to know, cause
There’s no way you could ever know that
The only one you wanna find is you.
You’ll never find another. Why do you try?
It’s for real as real as it gets.

I’ve been listening to your music for awhile
All the time singing all your favorite songs
Now every other station is just a memory
And I wanna turn your volume up, cause
I’d feel so much better if I had
You in my arms, you’d feel better too.

You’ve got a way that really nails me.
Guess you got me, you really got me.
I just can’t believe how hot it’s getting.
Don’t know where I stop and it starts
You can have me, really, anytime you want
Cause baby I got something in my pocket
And now it’s time to get down up

Never gonna go back to where you were
As night moves on and people lighten up.
Hope you’re getting a kick out of this.
Hope you’re laughing as much as you can.
Go out tonight and really live it up.

8 words – Benji Hughes. Titled. Surprise! Change... Go with it. It’s still all unoriginal. There’s simply not enough Benji Hughes… had this musical epiphany while questing the grocer’s at 7am the other morning and listening to Baby it’s your Life. Benji Hughes is the one of most interesting musical recommends and an also amazing one that I happen to pass on. And thanks to timing was once the soundtrack for a trip of mine. Anyhow... Enjoy the unoriginality of the music and the originality of living. Enjoy Life, Love, and Breathing with everything you’ve got. kisses. m.

*track listing.
All you’ve got to do is fall in love
Baby it’s your life
Do you think they would tell you
Even if
Girl in the tower
I Went With Some Friends To See The Flaming Lips
Love is a Razor
Ladies on parade
Love on a budget
The Mummy
Neighbor down the hall
So much
So Well
Tight Tee Shirt
Vibe So Hot
Waiting for an Invitation
Why do these parties always end the same way
Where do old lovers go?
You stood me up.

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