Saturday, January 1, 2011


Madrid. 2009

Recycled? Resolutions? Or the things we can and can not do.

Recycled. Whenever I think of recycled I think of old tennis shoes and dirty mattresses.  Two days ago the lady at the body shop tells me on the phone that the seats in my car will be recycled now. Not because of the money, not because of the time, but because this is what will be. When she tells me this I’m not sure what I’m supposed to think. I think of old tennis shoes and wonder if this is something that I want or is it something undesirable? When I tell this to my parents they say this is bad and that this should not be so.  When I say “why”, they say “because the car was new up until the crash.” I watch them both make faces and keep telling me “NEW” before I wonder about bed bugs infesting my NEW car.

By now you’re wondering about nothing and thinking what happened to the NEW car that now has recycled seats, perhaps with bedbugs? Honestly the car stopped being NEW the day I drove it off the lot. There’s nothing NEW about my car except it’s newly been wrecked with a whole new passenger side to match.

That's the thing about change. We're not sure how to feel about it once its happened. Or how to commit to it. Only that it is inevitable. This reminds me of New Years and that in turn reminds me of the year gone by and how much I desire to do things differently in the next. But will I resolve this?

Resolutions. Are they things we can change or things we like to pretend we can? Are they like the things we like to recycle? The thing we most want to change about ourselves kicked out to the curb in less than 30 days. Recycled because we like to pretend we will change but instead its easier to toss it out and develop a new way of trying to do the same thing. They are good ideas. Grand. But why throw them out without use. You wouldn't through out a mattress without using it because you spent too much on it and can not return it. Would you? For a resolution to work you can not worry about the past. What you've done can't help you now. Once you've taken the first step across the tight rope.  Only focus on the future. Don't look back or down.

2011. What’s the plan? If you’re thinking of bed bugs instead of wondering I’ll give you a hint…

Try thinking smaller and deciding how you will change your world. The one you live in. Changing yours helps others. Knowing what you want allows you to see the need in others. Take that old saying ‘be the change you want to see in the world’ and multiply it by 1. Look in the mirror and decide what you want for yourself and how you want to accomplish this. Once you've done this then you can help others. 

“Give me time and I’ll change the world.” I like to quote this to people and tell them someone else said it but I don’t know who. It wasn’t until a month or two back that someone tells me… “Mon, I think you said it.” And I laughed at that thought. I like to say things and most of the time they are true. With this thought someone playing backseat writer tells me “a man that speaks the truth speaks for every man.” And I stop to think “Does this work for women?” because even though we say things we sometimes do not mean them. Ah… it’s not a lie though. 

Regardless if I said it or not that statement has carried me through most of 2010. It’s important and really remarkable to say you’ll do something then succeed in doing it. Because there are a lot of things that we say can or can not stop us in this life. It’s knowing when you can and then being able to do it. And for those who accomplished things…. AMAZING! And those that think they did not… you gave the best gift of all day after day to the world… you are ALIVE. That in itself is an accomplishment. Getting up day after day is the most important thing you can do for yourself and the people around you.

So will you make Resolutions? What will they encompass for 2011? Do you plan to accomplish more than the last year? Did you accomplish what you wanted 2010? Or do you plan on recycling last year’s resolutions? More questions for that list of things you can and can not do. You know its only a suggestion but you might want to toss out that "can not" list. It’s only getting in the way of the other. Unlike our vintage clothes and shoes, excuses are like mattresses they can not be recycled... unless you like bed bugs? 

Although as a woman I may have to convince myself that there aren't bed bugs in my NEW car in order to drive it again. 

Anyway... Any plans for New Years day?

Happy 1/1/11... Enjoy your day. It only comes around every hundred years. Kisses. m.

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