Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Writing & Music Inspiration: Music Icon Felix Da Housecat and Standing at The Corner Watching Cars Go By

A robot that wants wants wants to make make you happy. robot cruising? or ??? More music related fun. Love me some felix da housecat. MEOW! This wasn’t next… A little off track, but you can’t fight inspiration when it is upon you. Got to hold to those guns. Ooh guns! Have a good night... Non-robots. Whether or not you're standing on corners watching cars go by. I'm there's more to be seen than that. 

Enjoy. Kisses. m. 

Alessandra Torresani by Tyler Shields for The Printed Blog c/o tylershields.com

Standing at the Corner Watching Cars go by

Standing at the corner watching cars go by.

Approaching the end of the block. The night is young. And the day is old. Hot or cold has no bearing. It feels just like it needs to. I can see the cars go by as I find a place at the corner. There is someone already looking for a good thing. Always something that can make them happy. They must find something to make make make them happy. There is someone I can make happy.

Do you find me attractive?

Hello hello baby. What’s your name? You are looking. If looking is liking then would you like for me to keep you company? I am proficient at keeping company. The one like me across the street is also proficient. Would you like her to keep you company? She is always standing at the corner watching cars go by. Call her baby if you like what you see. Walking with her hands on hips is very sexy. I will sexy walk looking like her. Ok ok. She is baby. She will tell you to come back anytime. Come back for anything you want want. WANT!

I will be your slave. I will do anything.

Yes. Yes. Baby. Master. Of course. You want to make me yours. I am able. I can be your servant. I can not love you. You want to wish for something? What is your wish? Your wish is in my program. I am programmed with various scenarios and commands. I can show you them. If you want to tell me to show you then it can be arranged. Everything has a price. What is yours? You are free. I am not. I can do anything do anything. I can walk on my crawl on my knees. You want to tell me to crawl? And you want me to beg? You want to beg me for it? I can not refuse if you make the arrangement. You want me crawling on my knees in the street. Is this what what you want BA-BY? Would you like for me to walk on my hands and knees? It is is very sexy. I can do anything you want to do. Sexy. Dirty. Go on make the arrangement. Tell me what to do…

I would really like to be of service.

You are in the mood for company? Ask. You want me to make you happy? I can make you happy. Let me be of service. Service with a smile for a sexy man. A man with a nice white dress shirt and suit jacket. That is a very very sexy tie. I will take off your tie. Do you want me to take off your tie? You want me to help you with that happy. Let let me help. I can help with this. My service doesn't stop at the corner. Would you like me to take off your shirt now? You are going to take it off. Then I will walk sexy sexy for you.

Press the button anytime.

My button is always ready and hot to touch. Touch it. Feel the heat. You want to press the button. You do not have to look look looking baby. My button ready. You want to touch it? Then keep telling me you want to. It is not too cold at all or rough or soft. It is a button and you tell me you want to touch it. You want to walk to the corner? Walking very sexy with my hot button. It is ready for you to touch it.

I hear you want to make good thing.

Hey hey honey. I hear lots of things about you. You want to make make a good thing. I am standing at the corner watching cars go by. What is sexy for you girl? Do you have a sexy sexy walk for me? I can walk for you. You find me attractive. You want the one with sexy red hair. There is another across the street with red hair. She will not say no. Do you like her sexy hair and smile? Do you want to be like her? Where are your shoes? Take off the dress and walk like her. Take it all off. Walk like me. Walk to the corner. Show them what you have. You know you want to. 

I want want want to make you happy.

Are you happy handsome? I can make you happy. What I do makes people happy. Oh you are ready for happy? Is this what happy is like for you? You will take me around the corner and show me your happy? Happy. Happy. Happy. What about her? Your friend? She has good things. Can she not give you what I can? Why do you not want  her to show you. Her sexy sexy hair is not my sexy hair and she is not at the corner. Yes. I am. I can be arranged. Then I will give you want you need. What do you need? I can give you what what you want want. Let me. You want me to touch her. Her to touch me. Then touch us together. Will that touching make you happy? You want to be happy. Will this be enough? OK. Ok. Baby.  Now around the corner... 

Do you know what I mean?  Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me.

You understand now? Then tell me. Around the corner where the cars are not going by. She can come to. I hear you want what I do that makes makes you scream. It is around the corner. What do you need? I will walk walk sexy for you there. You can press my button. There is no one around. I can show you. What I have. Of course I can. Then you want me to show you? This is everything. You want me to be your slave? I can be your slave. It can be arranged. Without arrangement it can not be. You say you want to touch it. Is this what you want? Yes. Go on then. You want to take me... Fuck me.  What is it?

Would you like for me to talk dirty to you?

Can I talk dirty for you? Would you like for me to talk dirty? There are words that please you. Tell me them. You want to hear them when you show me it. Take off your pants. I can say them into your ear while you unbutton your pants. Will I open my mouth? Does it help you? My mouth can do anything to you? Do you need someone to watch? Watching is sexy for you? It helps you when other people are watching? I can watch.  I am programmed to be of service when arrangements are made. Naked is sexy. Is it sexy for you when I am naked. I can get naked. Do you want want to see me naked? Press the button.

Would you like to see it?

I can show you it. You would like to see it. Touch it. This will make you happy. I can make you happy. Take a look at it. It is not a problem. You want to see it. Beg for me to let you touch it? Take a taste? It is a good thing to take a look.  A good to take a taste when an arrangement has been made. There is no problem if you  make an arrangement. Would you like more than a look? I can let you have more to make make you happy. It can be done. No. No. I can not be that. I can only be of service. Are you ready?

I am no cyber whore.

Hello. Hello. Baby. Your eyes find me. You are catching me to stop and talk.  I can talk to you if you want. You want me to say something dirty? Filthy words I can use. Fuck me. Is that what you want to hear? Would you like me to talk to you like that? It can be arranged.

No. No. Officer please do not misunderstand. I am no cyber whore. I am not for sell. I want to make them happy. You want me to make you happy. I can do whatever you ask of me. Yes.

Walking in the street without my top is acceptable when the officer is gone. You like me to please you. You want me to please you. Yes. Your wish is my command. I am not for sell in front of the police. Put away the money until later. Now press the button and I can give you a good thing.

I will be standing at the corner watching cars go by.

Hello. Hello. Baby. I am staying at the corner. Walking to the corner. Walk with me. Put your hand in mine. It is late and early for filthy words. You want to hear them.  Walk with me and I will tell them to you. Come with me.

*Watching Cars go by. - Felix da Housecat as Devin Dazzle & the Neon Fever

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