Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sleeping Dogs Lie.

Sleeping Dogs Lie.

How does that feel?” I twist my grip a little tighter as he lets out a scream. By now I’ve gotten used to the sound of my violence and have a giggle. It’s a lot of noise for something not nearly as unpleasant as what is to come. Am I sick?

You wanted it.”
“Come again. What was that you said? Well that wasn’t very nice. No, really say it again.”
“You heard me. But I’ll say it again you stupid bitch. You were asking for it. Practically begging for it with the way you were strutting. You're a filthy whore that wanted it from moment you entered the place and I knew it. Every man in the place knew it. You stink of desperation.”
 “Oh, I see that’s how it is then. I asked for it. Practically begged for it from a man like you. Wanted it and you knew it. Oh and let me guess, you were the one who was gonna show me how it’s done. Show me right.”
“You would have loved it and you know it.”
“Just like your girlfriend. Does she love it? What do you think about that? Now I see. No response.”
“What she don’t...”
“KNOW? Nah, you’re absolutely right. I’m sure she won’t mind if she doesn’t know about it. Well… Why don’t we give her a show?”
The bastard can’t stop shaking as he makes visual contact with the presence of his girlfriend gagged and bound to a chair in the darkened corner of the room. It’s more than he can bear to watch. She’s hysterical with blackened tears smeared down her face.

Am I sick? One might beg to wonder as I stand firm with my hands wrapped around a pair of pliers holding his balls in a vice-like grip. A twist makes him realize that he wasn’t even feeling a tickle before this. Squeezing tighter and tighter. Looking him square in the eye to indicate that I mean business.

Honestly I’m no sicker that this SOB whose been cheating on his girl. She’s sitting over in the corner quieter since I’ve started this abuse. There’s a funny look of smug that’s resting on her face as he screams out louder. Tears are replaced by small quips under the gag. It’s no wonder. This ass presumed that because she wouldn’t know about this indiscretion it would be acceptable. And then daring to presume that I’m the type of person that will look the other way on this without asking me first. The funny thing is, I’m not the first, but I will be the last. Most definitely the last.

There’s nothing worst than a wolf in sheep’s clothing. To be honest, I’ll take the wolf straight up. He’s not going to lie about what he wants. He’ll tell you straight up and let you decide if you want to go along or not.

Infidelity? It’s been around forever and it will continue. What would make a person destroy their own home? A roll in the sack. A reconnection to an old flame or a little fast love in the backseat. This behavior is not acceptable and shouldn’t be tolerated. Just like an old dog that needs to be castrated because he has no concept of self-control. I look over to his girlfriend and she seems quite pleased every time I lean in and crank a little tighter on his manhood. His screams are hardly noticeable between his sobs and pleading for release. I’m about to give in and let her finish the job. A little justice for the broken-hearted.

 “You ungrateful BITCH!”
“I’m ungrateful! What about her? Was she ungrateful too? Is that why you needed to show me how it goes?”
“Fucking CUNT! Let me go.”
“Oh let me see this is where you tell me that you neglected to say anything about a girlfriend because it escaped you. What do you think about that?”
“You’re a liar!”
“Really let’s see what your girl thinks about that.”
“Shut up. There’s no proof. Look through my phone. There’s no numbers.”
“Of course not you give out yours and delete the calls. Oh no! I spilled that little secret.”
“FUCKING WHORE! I’m gonna rip your… AHHH!”
“Self control. QUIET... Let’s see what she has to say.”

I walk over and untie his girl. She calmly removes the gag and takes the pliers from my hand. With a nod she walks over to the fucker and lays in the scolding.
“And where is your ring? It’s not on your finger. Let me guess, it just happened to get lost on the way to the bar, didn’t it? Tell me. I deserve the truth.”
“You don’t deserve shit. You had this coming. Had to be perfect. Expecting my love to compete with perfect. In every way this is all your fault. Pushed me to it. So I had to…”
“I stood by you for five years and it’s my fault. This is showing your love. By chasing tramps in the street. I’ll show you love. I’m taking your balls… ”
“Lies. Deceit. Betrayal. And you weren’t even going to give me a choice. How dare you? So what position am I in now? I have no…. This leaves me no choice.”
“You don’t have a choice?! You have every choice.”
“I do. And when I’m done you can go ahead and see if someone else understands that choice.”

Let sleeping dogs lie. Whoever said that was obviously was a fool. What good would that do? Especially when a wolf can’t stop dressing up like a sheep. Pretending not to be a wolf won’t fool anyone.

Honey, I’m sorry, don’t do…”

“Honey? Let me tell you honey, you asked for this. Practically begged for it. So much that I’m giving it to you. No honey, there’s no need to thank me. This is what you wanted.”

Let sleeping dogs lie. It’s an old saying. It means leaving things at rest. Don’t rouse the sleeping dog or he’ll wake with a start of chaos. A few months back after running into a situation that should have been left exactly where it lay, this was created. This one is a whole lot of darkness manifested into one place over something that sits inside me with a bit of distaste… infidelity. Will let you make up your own minds. Anyhow, it’s been a fabulous day and night. Hope everyone has had a great one! enjoy. kisses. m. 

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