Monday, October 11, 2010

it's not green.

it's not green.

it’s white. i know it’s white. there’s no doubt in my mind that it’s white. but all I see is green. i don’t know what that means. i don’t know if it’s my mind's way of lying to me. somehow I doubt that but it’s not green. not even close to it. there are no special lamps or light bulbs to change what it is or is not. It’s white. But I see green. and if you saw it… maybe you would see the green too. if you do, just don’t forget that it’s white. that’s the important thing.

today the big illusion is the color of the sky. what color do you see? i see blue. but it isn’t really blue. did you know that? i bet you didn’t. it’s like the color of the ocean. in the magazines and photographs you will see blue. it’s not really blue. in some places it’s this dark green with hints of blue when you get up close. It’s ok though. The color of the sky looks blue to me too. I’m going to ignore what I know and enjoy the fluffy white clouds that are about to swallow each other in a sea of blue.

it’s not what you see it’s how you see it.

the mind will do that sometimes.  do what? play tricks. it tells us something is, when it most definitely is not. fills in the dotted lines whenever it can to see a complete picture. and it is in our human nature to believe that lie sometimes. it’s coming to realize that the lie is not the truth that changes things.

not all things are what they seem to be. some things that may appear one way are in fact another.

there’s a fine line between art and pornography.
that line has nothing to do with nudity.
michelangelo’s david is nude.
in some places david is censored with a leaf.
we censor pornography.
 it is not pornography. it is nudity.
nudity is boring.
run of the mill.
we must never be boring.
should we never be nude?
that’s a fine idea until you’re showering in your clothes.
and I already know you have. shh…
that doesn’t matter as long as it’s never boring…
cause you can still make a porno with your clothes on and a work of art without them.

a friend tells me that he can see something then asks me if I can see it. i can’t lie to him. i don’t see it. but he still says its there. likewise there is something i can see that he can not. and every time i tell him i see it he tells me that he can not.

is his real and mine fake?  
is mine real and his fake?
does it make what he sees any less real because I can not see it and vice versa?

we are not liars. it’s called being honest. there’s no hard feelings even though sometimes it’s a fight. because it doesn’t change that something is still there each of us can not see.

everything is a different experience to someone else.
something that seems dirty isn’t really.
some people want to see that there is something wrong in nothing at all.
nudity is nothing at all.
there’s nothing wrong. it’s not really dirty. they just think it is.

not being able to see the something that my friend sees never stops me from trying.
and it shouldn’t stop you from trying.

even if it’s not green.
but i see green
maybe you’ll see white.
maybe you’ll see green.
just don’t forget that it’s white.
that’s the important thing.


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